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Wildfire Risk to Stakeholders Prevention Simulation Analyst- with video intro

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El Dorado Hills, CA
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Wildfire Prevention Financial Product Design Development & Architecture Analysis

(with Video Introduction!)


To see an 18 minute video introduction and overview of prevention derivatives as a framework- please see here what we shared in 2020 at the Skoll World Forum and at Social Venture Circle- https://youtu.be/GMYEjyPGDK0

Knowledge or Interest in any one or more:

Detection and Attribution of Wildfire Pollution

PM2.5 Wildfire Pollution Exposure

Wildfire Pollution Grossly Underestimated

Wildfire Pollution Puts specific populations at risk (for example, see Kidney Patients at Risk)

Wildfire Pollution can make People more Susceptible

Fire in an Area of Combustible Vegetation

Power-lines and wildfire risk

Houses are Destroyed by Wildfires

Spatial Patterns analysis

Climate Change as a factor in wildfire risk acceleration -climate change as a Common Causes of Wildfire


Wildland-urban Interface Raises Wildfire Risk

Wildfire Modeling Assessment

Wildfire Smoke Simulator

Wildfires and Drinking Water Simulation

Wildfires and Vegetation Simulation

Dissolved Organic Matter Simulation

Hydrologic Responses and wildfire simulation

Increasing Drought and wildfire simulation

Weather Conditions and wildfire simulation



Cost - Benefit Analysis

Technical research

Environmental research

Market research

Business research

Insight generation


Identify/Collect data/papers/literature relevant to wildfire Impact

Quantify costs incurred by different stakeholders as a result of Wildfire

Generate Insights from currently available research papers

Present your work

Work cross-functionally


Wildfire Prevention Financial Product Design Development & Architecture Analysis-

High curiosity, creative, critical thinking, can conduct analyses independently or with minimal supervision.

Develop core analytical capabilities or model libraries, using advanced statistical, quantitative, or econometric techniques.

Provide application or analytical support to wildfire prevention and insurance researchers or traders on issues such as valuations or data.

Research or develop analytical tools to address issues such as wildfire prevention portfolio construction or optimization, performance measurement, attribution, profit and loss measurement, or pricing models.

Maintain or modify all financial analytic models in use.

Apply mathematical or statistical techniques to address practical issues in finance, such as derivative valuation, risk management, or financial market regulation.

Devise or apply independent models or tools to help verify results of analytical systems.

Define or recommend model specifications or data collection methods.

Confer with other financial engineers or analysts on financial product structure in light of market dynamics, informed by the development of quantitative techniques.

Collaborate with product development teams to research, model, validate, or implement quantitative structured solutions for new or expanded wildfire prevention markets.

Consult team members to determine the need for new or improved analytical applications.

Collect, synthesize, analyze, manage, and report environmental data, such as pollution emission measurements, atmospheric monitoring measurements, meteorological or mineralogical information, or soil or water samples.

Communicate scientific or technical information to the public, organizations, or internal audiences through oral briefings, written documents, workshops, conferences, training sessions, or public hearings.

Provide advice on proper standards and regulations or the development of policies, strategies, or codes of practice for environmental management.

Prepare charts or graphs from data samples, providing summary information on the environmental relevance of the data.

Analyze data to determine validity, quality, and scientific significance and to interpret correlations between human activities and environmental effects.

Determine data collection methods to be employed in research projects or surveys.

Process and review environmental permits, licenses, or related materials.

Plan or develop research models, using knowledge of mathematical and statistical concepts.

Conduct applied research on environmental topics in wildfire prevention

Research sources of wildfire air pollution to determine their effects on the environment and to develop theories or methods of wildfire pollution prevention

If you have any questions about processes for joining CrowdDoing.world as a volunteer to support our efforts in systemic change please write to volunteerorientation@crowddoing.world

Wildfire Prevention Financial Product Design Development & Architecture Analysis

(with Video Introduction!)


To see an 18 minute video introduction and overview of prevention derivatives as a framework- please see here what we…

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