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Health Internship Program in Ghana

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RCV MEDICAL/ HEALTH INTERNSHIP PROGRAM in Ghana for premedical and medical students, junior doctors, nurses, paramedic and public health students to take part in our health/ medical internship program within the country who are really eager to serve the many unprivileged Ghanaian people and take a great working experience in health sector in Ghana.

Volunteers will be involved in one or more of the following programs:

Working in the Health Post/ Clinic/ Hospital in Ghana. Health students will be assigned to clinic, health post, community hospital, hospital and other health institutions in Ghana. These are run by the government, local community and RCV in both rural and urban settings. RCV health internship program provides health students to get hands on clinical work experience with experienced health assistants, doctors, nurses or some combination within. Your daily work will include helping to perform the health staffs’ job. It will also involve researches of common diseases and health issues. Students will get the opportunity to learn about the basic medication system in Ghana. The work will be daily, 3 to 5 hours, 6 days a week. The Health institutions provide health services to the poor and marginalized people in the community and students will observe and practice following activities: Health Post Based Activities: 1General daily clinic 2.MCH Family planning (Temporary devices) Immunization Ante-natal and post –natal clinics Health education Health post based normal deliveries Immunization 3.Pharmacy 4.Simple surgeries 5.Community oral health Clinic 6.Nutritional Rehabilitation center 7.Health Post based nutrition follow up 8.TB Clinic

Maternal And Child Health Care:

  • Immunization
  • Under 5 health post based delivery
  • Antenantal care
  • Normal home and health post based delivery
  • Identification and referal of high risk preganancy

Family Planning Services

  • DMPA
  • COC
  • Norplant
  • Condom distribution.

General OPD Services

  • General clinic
  • Pharmacy
  • Dressing and injection
  • Minor surgery

TB dots clinic

  • Identification
  • Counseling
  • Treatment
  • Follow up
  • Defaulter Tracing.

Health Camp. RCV conducts regular health camps in different places regularly, Part of medical / health internship program will be deployment to work in health camps for a predetermined amount of time: 1 day to 3 days. (students will work with their Ghanaian experience medical personnel. The students’ responsibilities are to distribute medicine, taking patients' history, general physical checking and consult with citizens about health-care. Through this Health camp, poor and marginalized people in the community will be provided general health services and students will observe and practice following activities:

  • Examining patients
  • Providing genearal medicines
  • Identification and referal if needed
  • Immunization
  • Education on oral hygiene
  • DMPA, COC Pills, condom distribution.

Health and Sanitation Awareness program in Ghana.

In our medical internship program in Ghana, interested medical students may also get involved in our health awareness program.They will conduct health education on proper health-care and sanitation with women groups, youth clubs, other local organizations and school children. In addition, they will provide HIV/Aids awareness, First-Aid information to the local people in rural villages and thereby providing them with a practical life-skill. Similar awarenss education will be given to children, by Groups, in government schools, lasting from several days to a week in duration. Again, the Groups’ major focus will be to educate and mobilize community groups who can then pass the information onto the community at large.

Community and School based health awareness program

  • HIV/Aids awareness
  • Community heath education activities
  • School health education activities
  • Anti smoking program
  • Oral heath program
  • Reproduction health and sexual education
  • First aid training and FA box distribution

RCV MEDICAL/ HEALTH INTERNSHIP PROGRAM in Ghana for premedical and medical students, junior doctors, nurses, paramedic and public health students to take part in our health/ medical internship program within the country who are really…

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  • Fecha de inicio
    31 de marzo de 2022
    8:30 GMT-7
    15:30 UTC
  • Fecha de finalización
    30 de abril de 2022
    13:30 GMT-7
    20:30 UTC
  • Frecuencia
    Una única vez
  • Cuota obligatoria: $750
  • Formación incluida
  • Alojamiento disponible
  • Apoyo con el idioma y la integración cultural
  • Aceptamos Grupos
  • Aceptamos Familias
  • Aceptamos Voluntarios Internacionales


A distancia
El trabajo se puede realizar en cualquier lugar en Ghana
Ubicación Asociada
p.o.box1135, Ho, TV 233, Ghana

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Pre-departure information:

Volunteers will be provided program information including packing list and comprehensive instruction on health related issues and other detailed information on issues that will concern volunteers such as cultural shocks, safety and many more, which prepares you towards your departure.

Airport Pick Up: Upon arrival, RCV staff will be at the Airport to pick volunteers. Volunteers must send us their flight information. Notice of flight cancellations must be communicated to us.

Orientation and Training: Two days orientation about the local culture, history, safety, religions, and other issues relating to the country will be organized. Practical language as well as job training will be provided.

Transportation to placement: Volunteers will be traveling with a staff by bus to project destinations. We arrange airport drop-off for volunteers only from the project location. Volunteers who decide to travel around Ghana after program will be responsible for their transportation to the airport.

Code of Conduct All volunteers will sign a code of conduct on arrival at the program.Failure to adhere to the code of conduct will result in dismissal or suspension of the volunteer from the program.


We provide two types of accommodation for volunteers. Volunteers are placed with screened Host Families, this is to make sure the family is healthy and do not suffer from any kind of disease. On-site accommodation at the project site is also provided depending on the volunteer’s preference.

Field Supervision and Support 24/7 in Country Support & Supervision:

RCV Project coordinators will also be available to help volunteers when they need it, including a 24-hours support. There will be visits to the project location. RCV is committed to making sure all participating communities and volunteers benefit from the collaboration.

Safety: Volunteer’s well being while volunteering with us is our priority.

Visa Documentations RCV provide support for volunteer visa applications including references being required by Ghana Embassies abroad. Contacts and addresses of Ghana High Commissions will be provided including Letter of Support.

Bottled Water/Soft Drinks: Sachet water is provided for volunteers. Volunteers are responsible for purchasing of bottled water or beverages.

Upon receipt of your application, we shall contact you to discuss further about your interest and also find a suitable placement for you.

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