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Strong Girls Powerful Leaders Mentorship Program Description.

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East African Community Services (EACS) is dedicated to improving the well-being of East African youth and their families in South Seattle and South King County.  We are a leading East African, 501(c)3 educational service organization that has richly impacted the lives of thousands. We provide programs and services to help first-generation Americans from East African refugee and immigrant backgrounds adjust to life in the United States, preserve diverse cultural heritages, and participate in broad and integrated community life

Program Overview:

East African Community Services is accepting applications for the Strong Girls Powerful Leaders Mentorship Program. The SGPL program is a strategic component of EACS's youth mentorship and empowerment program. It emerged from the real needs of girls themselves. Consequently, it is for girls, by girls and women mentors. The SGPL Program operates from a youth-centered approach that focuses on empowering our young women to make decisions on goals they have for their lives. As a mentor, your role will be to guide the young women in navigating complex systems, and the challenges of everyday life to achieve their goals. The mentor will provide advice, resources, and education on how to make important decisions, and yet empower the program participants on making those decisions. The young women will meet with mentors for discussion groups, one-on-one mentorship, and group learning circles. With increased sexism, racism, and xenophobia there has never been a greater time to empower young girls of color living in Seattle to become the best version of who they are in living within systems build to oppress them. 

A mentor is an experienced and thoughtful leader who is committed to investing their time to assist in the growth and development of others.  A mentor is willing to share their knowledge, experience, and wisdom and act as a guide and role model in assisting EACS to combat the school to prisons pipeline that continues to affect our community.

We are looking for mentors that will support and encourage the personal, and professional development of the mentees and provide active guidance to help them achieve their goals. As a mentor, you will work to support the youth in setting goals and guiding them to achieve the goals within a timeline you both determine fit according to each goal.  A mentor offers a fresh perspective and an independent point of view while guiding a process that fosters the growth and educational development of the mentee. 

Mentor Responsibilities:

• Scheduling check-ins to gauge your mentees' progress.

• Preparing and facilitating each check-in session with your mentee.

• Ask open-ended “how” and “what” questions with your mentee.

• Committing to assist your mentee in achieving their goals regardless of the timeline (saying something about how there is not a timeline for when the mentorship cycle will end. It is up to the mentee to decide when it ends)

• Challenge and/or encourage a mentee depending on what the situation requires.

• Offer opportunities to problem solve and exchange ideas.

• Provide feedback that is honest, open, and positive. 

• Take a genuine interest in helping your mentee succeed.

• Present opportunities to your mentee that they may not have recognized on their own.

• Provide suggestions to the best of your knowledge that helps your mentee reach their goals.

• Encouraging participation in mentor-mentee bonding sessions to facilitate mentees' social orientation.

• Reporting all pressing concerns to our SGPL Staff for in-depth review.

Benefits to Mentors:

• An opportunity to build leadership and management skills.

• Lasting career networks

• Contribute to combating and ending the school to prison pipeline. 

• Provide mentors the satisfaction of sharing their own personal wisdom with others. 

• A reciprocal learning relationship. You may learn just as much from your mentee as your mentee will learn from you!

• Providing mentorship offers the mentor an opportunity to reflect upon their own journey through academia and professional experiences.

• Mentorship can lead to the development of lifelong friendships.

• Training and professional development opportunities at EACS. 

Mentor Requirements:

• A commitment to developing and support black, and brown youth. 

• A commitment to the importance of the mentoring relationship and a willingness to treat it as a priority.

• A minimum time investment of 3 meetings per month.

• A commitment to regular communications and interactions, agreed upon in advance.

• Maintaining confidentiality and terms outlined in the mentorship agreement.

• Willingness to participate in any evaluations of the mentorship program.

• A commitment to positivity and encouragement throughout the mentorship process.

• An understanding that the mentorship relationship is not a tutoring service, however, if the mentee needs support with practical work, the mentor can help the mentee find a tutor.

• Demonstrable experience as a mentor.

• Thoroughly knowledgeable about your responsibility as a mentor. 

• Top-notch orienting skills.

• Capacity to actualize all personal commitments.

• Ability to perceive psychosocial, medical, and similar difficulties.

• Top-notch tracking and intervention abilities.

• Cordial, accommodating, and highly capable.


East African Community Services (EACS) is dedicated to improving the well-being of East African youth and their families in South Seattle and South King County.  We are a leading East African, 501(c)3 educational service…

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