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Grados Ofrecidos

Master of Arts in Social Justice and Ethics
Master of Divinity
Master of Arts in Pastoral and Spiritual Care
Master of Theological Studies
Doctor of Ministry in Prophetic Leadership

Nuestro Programa

The Iliff School of Theology is committed to social justice, inclusiveness, and religious diversity and prepares leaders to transform a complex world.

Lead with your Light!

Since 1892, Iliff has been at the forefront of courageous theological education. We reside in the beautiful Rocky Mountain landscape of Denver, Colorado. We are recognized nationally and internationally for our emphasis on peace, justice, and ethics. Our roots are in the United Methodist Church and our branches are expanded by the diverse array of denominations and spiritual traditions that our students, faculty, staff, and alumni represent and reflect. Noted faculty, students, and alumni include the late Dr. Vincent Harding, Dr. Tink Tinker, Rev. Dr. Boyung Lee, Dr. Miguel De La Torre, Dr. Carrie Doehring, Dr. Pamela Eisenbaum, Dr. Julie Todd, Nadia Bolz-Weber, and Rev. Amanda Henderson.

Iliff offers four master's degree programs in Divinity, Pastoral and Spiritual Care, Social Justice and Ethics, and Theological Studies and a Doctor of Ministry in Prophetic Leadership. In addition, we offer a joint Ph.D. program in the Study of Religion and a cooperative program with the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. Since 2010, Iliff faculty have offered courses in hybrid, online, and on-campus formats. Over 60% of Iliff courses are taught online or hybrid.

To learn more visit us at www.iliff.edu and to apply for a degree programs visit us at apply.iliff.edu.


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Requisitos Adicionales

For complete application instructions, including guidelines on the personal essay, please visit: https://www.iliff.edu/apply/.

Fecha límite de postulación

Fall quarter: January 31 (priority deadline) and August 15 (regular deadline)

Winter quarter: December 1

Doctor of Ministry Application Deadline: December 1

Tipo de Estudiantes

  • Número Total de Estudiantes

    207 Estudiantes
  • Mujer

    65% Mujer
  • Hombre

    32% Hombre


  • Approximately 35% of Iliff students identify as LGBTQIA.

Clubes y Asociaciones


Student Senate – The Senate is a representative body of students at the Iliff School of Theology striving to serve the needs of the student community encouraging individual growth, communal ties, and spiritual development. Regular meetings throughout the academic year and elections for all elected Senate positions occur within the last six weeks of the Spring Quarter at the discretion of the Senate. Exceptions are for the First Year student position and any vacant seats not filled during the spring election; these positions shall be placed on a ballot within the first four weeks of the following Fall Quarter at the discretion of the Senate. Contact the Student Senate Co-chairs: studentsenate@iliff.edu

Fellowship Committee – To foster a sense of community and inclusion among all students through non-academic events which provide opportunities for building relationships outside the classroom. We traditionally have quarterly events, including Trivia Bowls and the spring Iliff Follies. 

Iliff Voices in Action - is comprised of students who are interested and concerned about issues of social justice, activism, discrimination, abuse, hunger, homelessness, oppression, and injustice. Members are committed to enhancing opportunities for Iliff students to serve the local and wider communities.

Spirituality and the Arts Committee – To nourish the spiritual life of the students of the Iliff School of Theology through creative expression. We, individually and as a group, promise to honor and respect one another's opinions and viewpoints while working together and discussing our spiritual lives and/or spiritual development. We are committed to nurturing our own spiritual lives so that we may offer valuable insights and spiritual richness to the Iliff community. We are committed to our own spiritual development so that we may grow together as human beings on this path of love.


Iliff Queer Coalition (LGBTQA Students and Allies) – Iliff Queer Coalition is an independent student organization at Iliff School of Theology providing education, social support, and advocacy for LGBTQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Allied) concerns. We celebrate the diversity of creation and the integrity of all individuals, while opposing divisive action, language, and attitudes that undermine God’s love.

Lutheran Student Group – Supports Lutheran students and sponsors programming for the entire community from a Lutheran perspective.

National Alliance of Pan African Seminarians (NAPAS) – To provide social, spiritual, academic and professional support to African American & African seminarians and theologians during their pursuit of education and vocational discernment.

Presbyterian Fellowship – Supports Presbyterian students and sponsors programming to the entire community from a Presbyterian perspective.

Seminarians for Reproductive Justice – Seminarians for Reproductive Justice provides the academic, theological, and human resources to make reproductive justice a part of the social justice ministries for the newest generation of faith healers. At Iliff, we focus on justice making and pastoral care, preparing ourselves to care for those facing reproductive choices, family decisions and women’s issues. This group ensures there is a voice for women and their allies at Iliff. The national website is www.seminariansforreproductivejustice.org.

Students of Color (SOC) – The Students of Color is a sister organization of the National Association of Pan-African Seminarians (NAPAS). Although the leadership of SOC must be people of color, our agenda is all-inclusive in recognizing and advocating for students of color. Our SOC include a wide-ranged spectrum of nationality, race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic backgrounds, tradition, religious affiliations, spirituality, and culture. There are no limits or boundaries in diversity! We recognize SOC association by birthright, ancestry, tradition, and culture. We invite and welcome SOC to gather, share, participate, teach, and learn.

United Church of Christ Fellowship – We are members of, those interested in, and friends of the United Church of Christ family. We wish to gather for fellowship, to learn about our denomination, to support one another in our journey of discernment, ordination, or licensure. We would like to be a sounding board for each other, visit each other’s home churches, go on fun social outings, and participate in community service and social justice events.

United Methodist Society – The mission of The United Methodist Society at Iliff School of Theology is to offer community, support, opportunities, and acceptance for Methodist students, faculty, staff and guests to share and gather for the purposes of fellowship, formation, and service. We are a community resource for those that are discerning or who have entered the Methodist candidacy process and to encourage each to reach her or his potential and chosen journey. We are a reconciling community that invites all to participate and to grow in community, service, and the pursuance of justice and leadership. All members of the extended Methodist family are invited and encouraged to participate.

Unitarian Universalist Association – Supports UU students and sponsors programming to the entire community from a UU perspective.

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