College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

University of Westminster
London, ENG, Reino Unido

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International Relations MA, International Relations and Security MA, International Relations and Democratic Politics MA, Energy and Environmental Change MA, Museums, Galleries and Contemporary Culture MA, Art and Visual Culture MA, Cultural and Critical Studies MA

Nuestro Programa

With London as our campus, we offer the chance to explore a modern multifaceted society and centre of government first-hand.

Where better to study the human condition than a cultural hotspot, global centre for financial services, media and creative industries, and heart of UK criminal justice? We explore the biological, cultural, legal, political and social aspects of humanity past and present, while our world-class research, knowledge exchange, student and graduate talent shape the future.

Comprising of the Schools of Humanities, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and the Westminster Law School, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences is making a difference. Multicultural and multidisciplinary, we prepare our students critically, creatively and professionally. Many courses are professionally accredited and draw insight from our cutting-edge research into the big issues of our time – health and wellbeing, the structure of society, international understanding and the place of humanity in the world. 


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Please see individual course pages for any additional requirements for your programme.

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Please see guidance on our website for any deadlines for intake and do note that many of our postgraduate programmes across the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offer both a September and January start .

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