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Master of Public Health
Master of Science in Population Health Research
Master of Science in Applied Biostatistics
Doctor of Public Health
Doctor of Philosophy in Epidemiology

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At BUSPH we pride ourselves on our world-class faculty, our innovative research, & our vibrant community.

Public health. What it is, what it does, how it works is changing daily. And Boston University School of Public Health (SPH) is at the frontier of that evolution, propelling public health into one of the most consequential careers of our times. Public health is concerned with the social, economic, and cultural forces that create health. This includes issues of contemporary concern such as obesity, gun violence, poverty, infant mortality, LGBTQ rights, and human trafficking. If you want your own efforts to advance the world, public health is an exhilarating opportunity to do just that.

Take a look at our master’s and doctoral degrees and programs in greater detail. Learn about our academic philosophy and our commitment to diversity and inclusion. Request a viewbook. Plan your visit. And if you are as excited as we are about our approach to public health education, let us help you through the application process to begin your future endeavors.



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For spring 2021: October 15, 2020

Priority deadline for fall 2021: mid-January 2021

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