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Graduate School of Education and Human Development

George Washington University
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Strategically based in the nation's capital and serving the global community, the Graduate School of Education and Human Development prepares informed and skilled leaders through innovative teaching and learning practices that:

Enhance and enrich theory, policy and practice by engaging in scholarly inquiry and research

Promote equity, diversity and inclusion reflective of changing societies

Create public and private partnerships, and

Advocate continuous self-examination and critical analysis.

The Graduate School of Education & Human Development (GSEHD) is a touchstone of excellence for those seeking to enrich areas of ethical leadership, research, and practice. Through partnerships with local and national organizations and school districts, students are prepared to meet present-day challenges and positively affect the future of education. 


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Priority Deadline: January 15.

Deadlines may vary by program. See program specific page for more information.

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    1600 Estudiantes

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Counseling Student Association

HOL/OLL Student Association

Museum Education Student Association

Education Policy Student Association

International Education Association

Curriculum & Instruction Association



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