Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy

University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI

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Nuestro Programa

Leadership rooted in service. Public policy grounded in evidence.

The Ford School is a top-ranked policy program at a world-class research university—in one of America's best college towns. We're making a real and lasting difference in the world through game-changing discoveries; actionable policy solutions; rigorous, applied courses; and our powerful and growing network of alumni. Our educational program offers three advanced degrees: 

  • Master of Public Policy—In this two-year program, students gain research, analytic, management and communications skills that are highly transferable across sectors, policy issue areas, and geographic regions. Students can gain depth in an area through declaring a concentration in one of five areas: public policy and analysis methods, public & nonprofit management, social policy, international policy, or international economic development. 
  • Master of Public Affairs—For mid-career professionals, the program includes two semesters of carefully designed coursework in public policy creation and analysis; public sector and nonprofit leadership; economics; policy writing; and the social, political and ethical aspects of public policies and programs. 
  • Doctoral program—This joint-program combines public policy studies with disciplinary work in economics, political science, or sociology and is designed for students who want to pursue research careers in a traditional social science discipline or the improvement of public policy. 

The collegial atmosphere offers students the opportunity to pursue their passions, with access to world-renowned faculty and research centers tackling today’s biggest issues including education, poverty, diplomacy, and more. 


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Fecha límite de postulación

  • Master of Public Policy: January 15
  • Master of Public Affairs: January 15 (No GRE required)
  • Doctoral programs: December 15

Tipo de Estudiantes


  • checkbox-altOficina de Fomento de la Diversidad
  • checkbox-altFull-time Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coordinator
  • checkbox-altOne of the most diverse graduate programs at U-M
  • checkbox-altA five-year strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion

Clubes y Asociaciones

Student organizations are an integral part of the Ford School community. Groups like the International Policy Students Association, Out in Public, Students of Color in Public Policy, Charity Auction, Michigan Journal of Public Affairs, and others bring together students with shared interests, lead school-wide public service initiatives, host speakers, and provide numerous opportunities for students to act, serve, and lead. Learn more about our student organizations »

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