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Master Of Industrial And Labor Relations

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Cornell’s ILR School is the leading college of HR and labor studies in the world. Ivy League academic excellence & executive professional experience.

MILR is a two-year, on-campus degree based in Ithaca, NY, designed for people who aspire to leadership roles. It’s a professional degree for people ready to tackle the issues of organizational success, employee wellbeing, and labor relations. MILR covers leadership, decision-making, and conflict resolution. This degree brings both the theoretical and the practical into focus. Senior corporate executives and labor managers enrich MILR through deep interactions with students focused on real challenges faced in the workplace. The degree is both wide and deep. It’s built up from the research of ILR’s world-class faculty and the real-world experience of practitioners. You can study from a huge range of courses from organizational design and culture to human resource leadership to compensation to labor relations to mediation, while also focusing on the application of workplace research.

MILR alumni succeed in what they set out to do. Many students have job offers before graduating. Most experience faster career advancement and stronger earning power. Graduates join the wide network of Cornell alumni – many actively recruit MILR graduates for both career placement and advancement.


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Application opens August 15, 2020.

Spring 2021 deadline - October 15, 2020.

Fall 2021 deadline - Round 1 - December 15, 2020, Round 2 - January 2, 2021

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