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Antioch University
Seattle, WA

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Grados Ofrecidos

MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
MA in Couple and Family Therapy
Dance, Art, Drama and Sex Therapy
PsyD in Clinical Psychology
MA in Education & Teaching

Nuestro Programa

Antioch University is a private not for profit University solidly grounded on advancing social, environmental, and economic justice.

Antioch University was founded over 160 years ago with campuses in Washington, New Hampshire, Ohio and California. Our Masters and Doctorate programs in Education, Psychology and Therapy embody progressive values and a mission to educate the next generation of those determined to win victories for humanity.  Our approach to learning extends beyond the confines of the traditional classroom. Many students come equipped with previous accomplishments and life experience that we consider when evaluating how best to serve them and you. At Antioch, we believe hands-on learning, internships, and other experiences outside of the classroom, are vital to personal and professional growth.  


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Tipo de Estudiantes

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    pound900 Estudiantes
  • Mujer

    female82% Mujer
  • Hombre

    male17% Hombre

Lo Que Dicen Nuestros Estudiantes

  • “There’s a lot in place at Antioch to support students in different ways. Peers support each other’s goals and talk to each other if they are feeling down. We talked about our desires and fantasies and ask each other questions. I got all these ideas by talking to them.”

    Celia Aráuz, PsyD in Clinical Psychology ‘20
  • “The professors I had were always willing to help anybody who needed it. We also created deep and caring relationships with our professors, and I feel as though I am still supported even after graduating.”

    Megan, Nyberg ‘18

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