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Joseph J Zilber School of Public Health

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

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Our students benefit from our building in downtown Milwaukee, and our wet labs and teaching lab in the Kenwood Interdisciplinary Research Complex.

As Wisconsin’s only accredited School of Public Health, we embrace our school’s mission to advance population health, health equity, and social and environmental justice throughout Milwaukee, the state of Wisconsin and beyond. We do this through education, research, community engagement, and advocacy for health-promoting policies and strategies. We enroll students in our PhD program (3 tracks), MPH (5 tracks), Joint MPH/MSW, MS Biostatistics, Accelerated BS/MPH (4 tracks) and our BS program. 


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Requisitos Adicionales

SOPHAS charges $145 for the first program you apply to and $55 for each additional program.

Fecha límite de postulación

MPH Spring (PHPA, CBHP, EHS): October 14, 2022.

MPH Priority deadline: December 9, 2022

MPH International Deadline: May 19, 2023

MPH Domestic deadline: June 16, 2023

-No PhD enrollment for 2023-2024, next recruiting cycle will be for Fall 2024.

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  • Número Total de Estudiantes

    24.029 Estudiantes
  • Mujer

    56% Mujer
  • Hombre

    43% Hombre


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Clubes y Asociaciones

All students are members of the Public Health Student Association (PHSA). Officers are comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students, and some of them serve as representatives of the school's undergraduate and graduate curriculum committees. The students support a peer mentor program, engage in service projects, host speakers, and sponsor events during National Public Health Week.  

During the Covid-19 pandemic MPH and doctoral students have served as contact tracers and vaccine clinic coordinators. Several students currently serve in leadership positions as Covid-19 case management and program coordinators on campus and in governmental public health.  


Graduates of the Zilber School of Public Health pursue careers in a range of settings. They work in industry, governmental public health, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations. They are involved in research, practice, and teaching. Here are a few examples of career paths that students have taken. Several students work at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, including one serving as the Covid-19 Vaccine Program Coordinator and another serving as Climate and Health Program Coordinator. Several students are at the City of Milwaukee Health Department, including an alumnus who coordinates Covid-19 pandemic response, an alumna who is deputy commissioner and another alumnus who is director in the same division. Three health officers in Milwaukee County health departments are alumni. Another alumna has led work at the local, state and national levels on racism as a public health crisis. Zilber School graduates are well positioned for careers in public health practice and research. 

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  • Illinois Residents $17, 570
  • Minnesota Reciprocity $19, 362
  • Midwest Student Exchange program $17,570
  • Tuition amounts are per year.

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