Bush School of Government & Public Service

College Station, TX

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Grados Ofrecidos

Master of Public Service & Administration
Master of International Affairs
Master of International Affairs-Master of Public Health
Master of International Policy (in College Station or in DC)
ONLINE Executive Master of Public Service & Administration

Nuestro Programa

Our people. We enroll students dedicated to public service and have seasoned practioners and academics who prepare these dynamic, future leaders.

The Bush School at Texas A&M University is a presidential school with a clear vision: to prepare principled leaders for service in their community, their nation, and their world, and to do it affordably. Our dedication to serve others, which reflects the life of our namesake, George H.W. Bush, is a guiding force in our instruction. In fact, over 75% of our graduate go to work in public service and over 90% are employed within 6 months of graduation.

With an incoming class of about 90 students per department, you will become part of a family—learning from your colleagues, developing life-long friendships, and building strong professional networks. Students share a passion for public service and create an invigorating environment to do more for others.  

On-Campus Degrees Offered:       

MPSA - Master of Public Service & Administration (48 credit hours)

TRACKS: Public Management; Public Policy Analysis; Nonprofit Management

CONCENTRATIONS: Analytical Methods; Cybersecurity Policy/Mgmt; Education Policy/Mgmt; Energy, Environment & Technology Policy/Mgmt; Health Policy/Mgmt; Homeland Security & National Defense; International NGOs; State & Local Policy/Mgmt; Individually Designed Areas

MIA - Master of International Affairs (48 credit hours)

TRACKS: National Security & Diplomacy; International Development & Economic Policy

CONCENTRATIONS: American Diplomacy & Foreign Policy; American Homeland Security; Cybersecurity Policy; US Defense Policy & Military Affairs; Intelligence as an Instrument of Statecraft; International Politics & Grand Strategy; Conflict & Development; Methods; Pandemic Preparedness & Disaster Response; Women, Peace, and Security; International Economics & Trade; International Economic Development; International NGOs; Regional Studies in China, Europe, Middle East, and Latin America

MIA-MPH - Master of International Affairs-Master of Public Health  (78 credit hours)

MIP - Master of International Policy (1-yr, 30 credit hours. Requires 4 years professional, int'l experience)

Online Options Offered: 

EMPSA - Online Executive Master of Public Service and Administration (39 credit hours. Requires 5 years work)

Graduate Certificates:

CAIA - Advanced International Affairs Certificate (12 credit hours)

CHLS - Homeland Security Certificate (15 credit hours)

CNPM - Nonprofit Management Certificate (12 credit hours)

PBMG - Public Management Certificate (12 credit hours)


  • Coste de la Aplicación



  • checkbox-altTranscripciones Académicas Certificadas
  • checkbox-altDescripción Personal
  • checkbox-alt3 Cartas de Recomendación
  • checkbox-altInterviews required during the application process
  • checkbox-altGRE optional for most programs; required for MIA if GPA below 3.2
  • checkbox-altProof of English proficiency required for students from non-English speaking countries

Fecha límite de postulación

Fall enrollment Priority Deadline: December 15

Final Deadline: January 12 for MPSA and MIA; February 1 for MIA-MPH

Check website for MIP, which admits year round.

Tipo de Estudiantes

  • Número Total de Estudiantes

    pound350 Estudiantes
  • Mujer

    female53% Mujer
  • Hombre

    male47% Hombre


  • checkbox-alt29% Students from under-served minority groups
  • checkbox-alt11% International students (28 countries represented)

Clubes y Asociaciones

  • Student Government Association
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Committee, Social Committee, etc
  • Public Service Organization
  • Alexander Hamilton Society
  • Foreign Language & Culture Society
  • Bush School Ambassadors
  • European Horizons
  • Bushwhacker Athletics

Additionally, Texas A&M University boasts over 1,000 active student organizations, including many dedicated solely to graduate students.

Matrícula & Ayuda Financiera

  • Promedio de Matrícula dentro del Estado

  • Promedio de Matrícula para Personas de Fuera del Estado

  • Ayuda Financiera Disponible

  • Promedio de la Ayuda Financiera Ofrecida


Información Adicional

  • checkbox-altPosibilidad de Solicitud de Exención de Tasas
  • checkbox-altThis reflects tuition/fees per YEAR.
  • checkbox-altEvery MPSA, MIA student receives a scholarship when admitted to the Bush School.
  • checkbox-altAdditionally, MPSA, MIA non-residents pay TEXAS rates because of our non-resident waivers ($12K+ savings each year).
  • checkbox-altFee waivers only available to select service groups (Peace Corps, AmeriCorps, etc.); check website.