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The Boston College School of Social Work educates students to be innovative and effective in addressing the world’s most pressing social problems.

Members of the BCSSW community are practitioners, researchers, and scholars who work with individuals, families, communities, and systems to reduce suffering, promote wellbeing, and catalyze social change locally and globally. BCSSW faculty transcend disciplines and cross borders in their research and practice, collaborating with communities embedded in social dilemmas to design enduring solutions.

In everything we do, we prioritize equity, justice, and inclusion and pursue innovations in research, practice, and community engagement.

The mission of the Boston College School of Social Work is twofold:

  • To prepare social work professionals with the knowledge, values, and skills needed to initiate and sustain change and provide visionary leadership within a framework that promotes individual dignity, respects diversity, and seeks distributive justice in the Jesuit tradition, and,
  • To cultivate an atmosphere of intellectual discipline that facilitates faculty and student scholarship and research that contributes to the knowledge base of the profession and improves society’s understanding of the national and global systems in which people, organizations, and communities thrive.


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