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Archaeological Excavation/Human Osteoarchaeology
Gaelic Literature
Museum Studies
Applied Linguistics

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At UCC, we develop creative, independent thinkers who go on to make significant contributions to our society, culture and economy.

At University College Cork, we create "Masters That Matter" by applying what we learn with imagination and creativity. We go beyond traditional postgraduate education, helping you master the tools to create your future and the future of our planet. Centered around Innovation, Global Citizenship, Green and Blue Economies and Health and Wellbeing, our programs empower students to address the world's greatest challenges passionately and creatively. To learn more visit www.ucc.ie/en/international.


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  • Transcripciones Académicas Certificadas
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Requisitos Adicionales

Students whose first language is not English may be required to submit English language proficiency exams.

Fecha límite de postulación

Applications for postgraduate study at UCC open on November 1st at http://pac.ie/courses/courses.php?inst=ck&mode=t&nat=neu. Complete applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, and final decisions are typically issued 3-5 weeks from when a complete application is submitted. Postgraduate applications close on June 15th.

Tipo de Estudiantes

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    22.000 Estudiantes


  • Approximately 15% of UCC's total student body are international students

Clubes y Asociaciones

International students can get involved on campus through any of the UCC Sports Clubs or Student Societies. Whether it's music or politics, Harry Potter or animal welfare, we have something to ignite your passion and get you acquainted with other independent thinkers across UCC. You can even try your hand at some of Ireland's traditional sports, like hurling or camogie!

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  • Promedio de Matrícula para Personas de Fuera del Estado


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  • Ayuda Financiera Disponible
  • Please visit https://www.ucc.ie/en/international/studyatucc/scholarshipsandfunding/ for more info about scholarships available for international studnets.

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