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Business Administration, Counseling, Humanistic and Clinical Psychology, Leadership and Management, Integrative Wellness Coaching, Transformative Social Change, Integrative and Functional Nutrition , Psychophysiology, Mind-Body Medicine, Integrative Social Work

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We are grounded in humanistic values, and honor the mind-body-spirit connection in all we do.

Saybrook University is a non-profit, regionally accredited graduate institution offering programs in: Mind-Body Medicine; Applied Psychophysiology; Integrative & Functional Nutrition; Integrative Social Work; Humanistic & Clinical Psychology; Counseling; Leadership & Management; and Transformative Social Change.

We are grounded in humanistic values, and honor the mind-body-spirit connection in all we do.

Saybrook University was founded over 50 years ago by some of the greatest minds of the 20th century and continues to inspire a new generation of innovators. A non-profit regionally accredited university known for its commitment to humanistic studies and rigorous research, Saybrook University’s academic model puts the student at the center of everything we do to provide a unique, transformational, learning experience. Saybrook offers advanced degrees in organizational systems, psychology, mind-body medicine, and counseling, all in flexible learning formats to help students continue to be active contributors to the fields they work in while they advance their education. Saybrook University is proud to be a diverse, inclusive community of creative, compassionate innovators dedicated to pursing new ways of thinking and doing for our professions, organizations, and communities.



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Fall Term Start Date: 08/29/2022

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