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The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy

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Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy
Master of International Business
Master of Arts
Master of Laws in International Law
Ph.D. in International Relations

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The Fletcher School offers a high degree of curricular flexibility, accessible faculty, and a close-knit campus and alumni community.

Since 1933, The Fletcher School has prepared the world's leaders to become innovative problem-solvers in government, business and non-governmental organizations with strategic cross-sector networks. Through our ongoing commitment and rigorous approach to advancing world knowledge through research and scholarship, we continue to inform and build bridges to meaningful global solutions.

The Fletcher School offers students a unique environment in which to acquire the knowledge, skills, tools, and preparation needed to excel in a highly competitive global economy. Students benefit from Fletcher's vibrant and supportive community of students, scholars, alumni, and practitioners, a community fostered by small classes, accessible faculty members, and a strong network of alumni. The School's flexible multidisciplinary program of study allows students to design a curriculum that meets their own academic and professional goals.


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