How Do I Search & Connect With Other Idealists on the Mobile App?

Mobile App:

You can find other Idealists a few different ways:
  • Use the search button on the top right area of the app to search people by name, location, or interest. The more information you enter, the more refined your search will be.  Here, you can also scroll through the map to change location. 
  • Press 'People' at the top of your screen to see a list of idealists nearest to you, wherever you are - you must allow Idealist to use your location for this feature to work. If you do not have location turned on, you will be automatically be placed in New York City, at the location of the Idealist HQ.
  • Look through the clusters either in your area or around the world on the map. You can scroll or zoom in and out of the map to see clusters dynamically change. Once you have found another idealist that you want to connect with, you can chat with that person directly by pressing the chat icon in their profile. You'll be able to access your chat list by pressing the chat icon on your home screen.  If you would like to connect later, you can bookmark or 'save'  an idealist, by pressing the bookmark icon within their profile. You'll be able to access your saved idealists from the bookmark icon on your home screen.