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Creative Mindset Consulting has been retained by The Training Source to manage the recruitment process for this engagement.

Background – The Training Source, Inc. is an award-winning 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide education, training and services that promote positive economic mobility. We provide employment and job readiness training for youth and adults; youth leadership, college and career planning; community outreach, education, social and supportive services for individuals in need; and corporate management and employee development training for employers. Our goal is to develop not only the skills needed for success, but also the motivation to succeed by utilizing the skills and abilities of our staff to assist others in realizing their full potential.

Project Background: The Training Source emerged from the national 2019 COVID Pandemic that created high unemployment rates. As the employment landscape rebounded, three factors pointed to the need for enhanced focus on workforce development in Prince George’s County, Maryland: 1) pockets of long term un- and underemployment within the region, particularly among youth and persons with criminal records; 2) local and regional employer complaints about not being able to find individuals with skill sets they require; and 3) the proliferation of low-skilled, temporary, low paying jobs, generally without benefits, that do not provide sufficient income to support a family. We feel that while many agencies offer workforce development services, there is little coordination among them and relatively weak links with employers. Much effort is spent on outplacement efforts for laid off workers; and a more pro-active approach that matches training to needed job skills is needed.

What You’ll do:

Recruitment & Intake:

·       Recruit eligible participants for cohort training in targeted communities (e.g., Domestic Violence and National Harbor communities) or targeted sectors (e.g., hospitality and healthcare sectors).

·       Ensure that at least 15 recruited participants complete the intake and assessment process one week prior to scheduled class start dates (a wait-list with additional trainees is preferred).

·   Ensure 80 percent of each cohort’s participants successfully complete training and have a marketable resume.

Career Coaching & Job Placement:

·       Implement job placement campaigns to secure full-time, unsubsidized employment for a minimum of 80 percent of The Training Source graduates within 90 days completion of the cohort.

·       Ensure that 80 percent of graduates are prepared for employment by advocating for graduates both internally and externally and providing graduates with one-on-one career coaching and interviewing skills.

·       Conduct post-employment follow-up with employed program graduates and employers to promote and report job placement and retention outcomes, ensuring an employment retention rate of at least 80 percent.

·   Develop and recommend strategies to ensure successful program graduate placements and opportunities for future graduate placements.

Support to Be Provided:The Training Source will provide support to suitable projects in the form of:

  • Compensation – the bidder will receive a flat fee of $4,000 per assigned cohort to include planning, supplies, travel, and implementation over the course of the cohort following award at The Training Source discretion. Additionally, the bidder will be entitled to a $3,000 bonus pay for meeting stated outcomes and an additional $3,000 for exceeding (25 percent or above) stated outcomes for assigned cohort. The bidder will be required to submit invoices for each achievement stage.
  • Indefinite Delivery/ Indefinite Quantity-(IDIQ) bidders should have the ability to support on-call service within a week’s notice.
  • Logistical support – The Training Source facilities and resources may be made available throughout the engagement.
  • Technical Support – The Training Source staff may be made available to serve as consultant resources to support goal attainment (e.g., screen calls, facilitate information sessions and assessments, develop and/or suggest marketing material, etc.).

Proposal Project Time Frames: The Training Source awards are designed to support work over a period of 12 months from the date of award, which is expected to be January 2022. Requests for approved contracts will be limited to that timeframe. Contract renewal may be made available to projects on an ongoing basis in subsequent years depending on availability of funding, contractor goal attainment and other factors. However, contractors must apply for renewed contracts annually, providing outcomes during preceding year and goals for the coming year. Proposals that require more than 12 months to demonstrate any degree of success or merit for multiple year funding will not be considered. 

Review & Award Process:

  • The Training Source collects, reviews applications for completeness; The Training Source may outright reject applications that are incomplete
  • The Training Source reviewers will use standard evaluation scorecard to assess
  • Reviewers may consult with candidates to ask specific questions at its discretion (no coaching or advice will be provided)
  • Reviewers at The Training Source’s discretion may request additional information from bidders
  • Reviewers perform Initial scoring of each proposal individually
  • Reviewers do group review, normalization of scores
  • Reviewers finalize scoring
  • Reviewers make recommendations to The Training Source Board for approval of final awards

Project Launch Process:

  • The Training Source and awardees meet
  • Confirm objectives
  • Outputs
  • Outcomes
  • Confirm timetable
  • Confirm deliverables
  • Confirm metrics
  • Set up reporting requirements
  • Set dates for quarterly reviews
  • Set conditions for release of funds
  • Execute Agreement

Monitoring & Reporting:

  • Reporting formats, schedule (during period of engagement) agreed to as part of the Agreement
  • The Training Source receives and reviews scheduled reports
  • The Training Source reviews reports and results at review with awardee
  • If awardee doesn’t meet minimum requirements, requires written documentation
  • Corrective Action Plans with deadlines, reporting requirements, review sessions
  • Distribution of current, future funds will be contingent on compliance with The Training Source objectives and contractor agreement
  • If The Training Source provisions are not met within a reasonable timeframe, The Training Source may, at its discretion, cancel the contract.

Project Close-Out:

  • The Training Source receives and reviews final report
  • Final review with awardee
  • Final evaluation of project
  • Settling of all financial accounts
  • The Training Source makes final decision on awardee eligibility for future funding

Creative Mindset Consulting has been retained by The Training Source to manage the recruitment process for this engagement.

Background – The Training Source, Inc. is an award-winning 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to…

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