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Housing Specialist-Metro South Housing Court

O trabalho pode ser executado em ou perto de Brockton, MA
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10 de junho de 2024
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28 de maio de 2024
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Pelo menos USD $73.722,23 / ano


Title: Housing Specialist- MetroSouth Housing Court

Pay Grade: 16

Starting Pay: $73,722.23/Yr

Departmental Mission Statement: The Housing Court’s mission is to adjudicate all matters presented by litigants within its jurisdiction regarding housing in a fair, efficient, and timely manner according to the rule of law and the facts presented.  In accordance with this mission, the Housing Court, through its operating philosophy and business practices, strives to present a citizen-oriented process to maximize access to justice for all such litigants.  All members of the Housing Court are committed to this mission and process to fulfill our role within the judicial branch.


Housing Court Organizational Profile


This position is designated as a union position and is covered by the Collective Bargaining Agreement with O.P.E.I.U., Local 6.

The primary location of this position will be in the Metro South Division’s Brockton Session (215 Main St Ste 160, Brockton, MA 02301) and the successful candidate reports to the Chief Housing Specialists of the MetroSouth Division Housing Court. The successful candidate is required to travel on a regular basis between the Metro South Division (Brockton, Canton and Quincy(in the near future) and Southeast Division (Taunton, Fall River, Barnstable and Plymouth).

The expectation of the successful candidate is to work three (3) days a week in the MetroSouth Division and two (2) days a week in the Southeast Division. This assignment may change based on the nature and volume of the work.


Position Summary: 

• The Housing Specialist is responsible for gathering information necessary to mediate and conciliate complaints to and cases before the Housing Court. Housing Specialists investigate complaints, perform site visits to observe and inspect conditions, perform mediation services, and make recommendations to the court.

• The position title above the entry level performs more varied and complex work.

• Employees are hired at the entry level and are eligible for reclassification to the higher-level position title within this series consistent with the specifications for the higher-level position title. The position title reverts to the entry level when there is a vacancy.


 Housing Specialist I Duties:

• Mediates cases between litigants as to disputes of fact.

• Formulates agreements between litigants and makes recommendations to the court.

• Performs inspections of properties for electrical, plumbing, structural, and sanitary code violations and reports findings for use in mediation; may re-inspect to ensure work is completed and is in compliance with necessary codes and standards.

• Monitor’s receiverships appointed by the court to ensure all housing standards are followed and monies are accounted.

• Assists in arranging financing where repairs are necessary, but funds are unavailable.

• Provides procedural advice as to tenant's and landlord's rights and court procedures.

• Prepares probation records for criminal offenders and criminal contempt cases.

• Recommends sanctions for criminal cases.

• Accesses, navigates, and recalls court records and data from the MassCourts case management system; and

• Performs related duties as required.

Housing Specialist II Additional Duties:

• Mediates difficult or complicated cases involving multiple complaints and serious allegations.

• Performs various community relations activities, including addressing neighborhood or community groups and participating in conferences and seminars.

• Works with state, federal, and nonprofit organizations on housing issues; and

• Performs all of the duties of the lower level as required.


Minimum Requirements: These are the minimum requirements necessary to apply for the position of Housing Specialist:

Housing Specialist I Requirements:

• Bachelor's degree in a related field, or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

• General knowledge of and experience in the following work activity areas: municipal building codes and sanitary codes; repair and rehabilitation of dwelling units; federal and state laws and regulations pertaining to dwelling units, zoning, construction, wetlands, Title 5 septic systems, plumbing, electrical; problems of landlords and tenants as they pertain to dwelling units; types of funds and services available to assist landlords and tenants in the financing and resolution of such problems;

• Ability and experience using personal computers, including word processing software such as MS Word.

• Experience with spreadsheet software such as MS Excel is preferred.

• General knowledge of modern office practices and procedures.

• Ability to deal effectively with landlords and tenants in situations that are tense.

• Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing with attorneys as well as the general public; and

• Ability to travel within the Commonwealth.

Housing Specialist II Additional Requirements:

• A minimum of four years of experience as a Housing Specialist I.

• Demonstrated ability to navigate and recall court records and data from the MassCourts case management system.

• Completion of Housing Court alternative dispute resolution training program.

• Substantial training and knowledge of the work of a municipal code inspector; and

• Demonstrated ability to mediate complex cases.

Employment with the Trial Court is contingent upon passage of a criminal record check.

Title: Housing Specialist- MetroSouth Housing Court

Pay Grade: 16

Starting Pay: $73,722.23/Yr

Departmental Mission Statement: The Housing Court’s mission is to adjudicate all matters presented by litigants within its jurisdiction…


215 Main St, Brockton, MA 02301, USA

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