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O trabalho precisa ser executado em Virgínia, US
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1 de junho de 2024
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31 de maio de 2024
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USD $7.500 - $10.000 / mês


The NAACP is looking for highly ambitious candidates for our Civic Engagement State Director for Virginia during the 2024 election cycle. The Civic Engagement State Director’s primary duties are to ensure that all state goals on volunteer recruitment, broad coordination, and voter registration, turnout, and protection are met. State Civic Engagement Directors will also assist and monitor the success of Building Community Voice Fund (BCVF) grantees.

The NAACP/GSSA 2024 civic engagement program is comprised of an interdependent complex of 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(4) suite of programs that leverage the NAACP’s brand, respected leadership, vast membership, and reach in Black communities nationwide, enabling us to mobilize Black voters at an unparalleled depth and scale. Our 2024 program will engage as many as 12 million Black voters through a defined suite of programs.

• Early Volunteer Program (EVP) is a volunteer recruitment and training program directed toward high-propensity Black registrants and NAACP members, designed to secure early and enduring commitments to participate in the IRVT program. The national volunteer recruitment goal for 2024 is 300,000 and each state will have a set recruitment goal.

• Indirect Relational Voter Turnout (IRVT) is an approach to relational voter turnout pioneered by GSSA, which provides NAACP members and high propensity Black voters lists of low- and moderate-propensity Black voters in their communities to contact and encourage to vote.

• Traditional GOTV (TGOTV) is a centrally managed operation to increase Black turnout and complement parallel non-traditional GOTV efforts, such as IRVT. It leverages the power of the NAACP’s brand and is strategically deployed through a variety of GOTV treatment modes, from SMS to mail to canvassing.

• Mass and Continuous Communications (M&CC) is a communications strategy to continuously broadcast research-based communications, primarily through radio and digital programming, to increase turnout, civic engagement, and raise awareness of the NAACP’s electoral efforts.

• Building Community Voice Fund (BCVF) is a non-partisan fund that provides grants to 501(c)(3) voter registration and voter turnout initiatives and organizations, including complementary voter education and protection programs, operating in down-ballot and local elections.


The State Civic Engagement Director will work and coordinate directly with NAACP Campaigns Department and GSSA on program strategy for all statewide and centrally managed civic engagement efforts. The State Civic Engagement Director will be under the direct supervision of the National Campaigns Director and the National Mobilization Director. The State Civic Engagement Director will be responsible for the following:

• Prioritization of Organizing NAACP Units, Partner Organizations, and the Black Community

  • Statewide volunteer recruitment goal of 19,100 volunteers
  • Network, build relations, and communicate with existing and potential partners.
  • Offer strategic guidance for our volunteers and partners.
  • Coordinate and oversee the distribution of civic engagement tools / resources to state and local NAACP units
  • Coordinate plans and activities with all progressive allies with similar state-based activities

• Management-Reporting-Deliverables

  • Coordinate and help facilitate the management and training of volunteers with the centrally managed team.
  • Manage the day-to-day NAACP unit field operations with a focus on hitting metric driven benchmarks, recruitment, training, and team development, where applicable.
  • Coordinate and execute Traditional GOTV (T-GOTV) methods that are not centrally managed such as field canvass programs and phone/text bank programs. Goals will be set by the centrally managed team and program methods will be determined based on capacity and resources.
  • Provide qualitative and quantitative reports to be shared between the national, state and local NAACP
  • Track and analyze performance in-State Coordination
  • Work closely with BCVF Program Director to assist and ensure the success of grantees.
  • Represent the NAACP State Conference and NAACP/GSSA at the state 501c3 table, 501c4 table, and Black civic engagement table


The ideal candidate for this position will possess many, if not all, of the following professional qualifications,competencies, and personal qualities:

• Minimum of 1-2 electoral cycles of competitive field experience preferred

• 3-5 years of community and grassroots organizing

• Experience in training and managing staff and volunteers in electoral and community engagement capacity

• Experience of managing metric driven voter contact programs and field programs

• Proficiency in the Voter Action Network (VAN) and ability to train on the direct voter contact aspects of platform

• Knowledge of civic engagement campaigns and issue and advocacy campaigns concerning the Black community

• Experience working collaboratively with community groups and allied organizations.

• Knowledge of state and local political landscapes

• Valid Driver’s License and reliable access to a vehicle

2024 NAACP Firewall Policy

NAACP civic engagement/electoral program will be operating on the Independent Expenditure side of the wall as a nonpartisan organization. All civic engagement programming including State Coordinators will be managed on the (Soft/Independent Expenditure) side of the wall.

NAACP will not coordinate with candidates, campaigns, party committees, organizations operating on the (Hard/Coordinated) side, and or any tables operating on the (Hard/Coordinated) side. NAACP State Civic Engagement Directors cannot be hired and/or have an additional contract in any capacity from political/candidate campaigns party committees, and organizations operating on the (Hard/Coordinated) side of the wall.

Extended Hours and Travel:

Employees must work outside of normal business hours including weekends, holidays, and nights. Extensive travel, extended work hours and a valid driver’s license are required.

The NAACP is looking for highly ambitious candidates for our Civic Engagement State Director for Virginia during the 2024 election cycle. The Civic Engagement State Director’s primary duties are to ensure that all state goals on…


Trabalho deve ser executado em Virgínia, US
1214 W Graham Rd, Richmond, VA 23220, USA
Suite 4

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Please include a letter of interest and a resume.


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