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The National Criminal Defense College is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to deliver the highest standard of trial skills training to criminal defense attorneys across the United States. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that people accused of crimes are represented by client-centered, trial-focused, and zealous counsel. Incorporated in 1985, NCDC was founded by a core group of dedicated defenders determined to elevate the quality of criminal defense practice throughout the United States.

NCDC’s Programming takes the following forms:

●       The NCDC Trial Practice Institute (NCDC’s Flagship Program) consists of two, two-week summer sessions which are attended by criminal defense attorneys from around the country (our participants) and coached and taught and by expert criminal defense attorneys, also from around the country ( our faculty). The faculty teaches every skill encountered in a jury trial through lectures, small group exercises, and demonstrations. Each two-week session is attended by approximately one hundred attorneys and 80 of our 100+ faculty members who volunteer their time to teach. NCDC also brings in professional actors to play the parts of witnesses. There are now over 7,000 alumni of the NCDC Trial Practice Institute. 

●       NCDC Short Programs (In-Person) – smaller weekend programs that focus on a specific skill or skills in a jury trial (such as cross-examination or forensic cross-examination).

●       NCDC Online Programs – online programs of varying lengths that focus on a specific skill or area of practice.


NCDC’s personnel has historically consisted of two full-time employees and at least one part-time Executive Director titled Dean of the College. NCDC currently has two part-time Deans and one full time employee (Program Manager) and is now seeking a second full-time employee, Operations Manager. During the summer, NCDC also employs summer staffers, who are typically law students who assist with the day to day operations of the Trial Practice Institute. In addition to the Deans, the leadership of the College includes a thirteen-member Board of Directors (called the “Board of Regents”).

The Operations Manager will be responsible for working at the direction of the Deans and in concert with the Program Manager to ensure that NCDC’s daily operations and programming are executed efficiently and effectively in furtherance of NCDC’s mission. NCDC operates in a fast-paced work environment and, because the organization is lean, the Operations Manager has a variety of job duties and responsibilities including basic accounting, website content maintenance, event planning, participant, faculty, scholarship sponsor relations, and office management.

For more information about NCDC and its mission, visit www.ncdc.net.

Work hours and locations:

●       Mostly, NCDC’s current employees work together remotely. NCDC’s Program Manager works in a small office suite in Macon, Georgia. The two Deans are currently located in different states, one in Atlanta, Georgia and the other in Cranston, Rhode Island. At present, other than during in-person programming when NCDC Staff Members are on site, the Operations Manager position is envisioned as a remote working position.

●       It is expected that the Operations Manager will work, on average, approximately 40 hours per week, but workload can vary. For instance, during programming, staff members work long hours, including Saturdays and Sundays.

Operations Manager Job Responsibilities

 ●       Manages financial operations and conducts daily accounting tasks. Must be proficient in QuickBooks including, but not limited to, creating reports, paying some employer liabilities, and managing income, expenses, and budget.

●        Has the ability and willingness to learn new payment platforms when required. Will assist in creating and monitoring complex projects and event budgets.

●       Assists in design, ordering, and management of insignia merchandise.

●       Serves as the webmaster of ncdc.net and manages NCDC’s social media presence. Proficient in maintaining website content and demonstrates a willingness to discover technologies to improve NCDC’s technical efficiency.

●       Be prepared to facilitate and support the creation of the NCDC Alumni Network.

●       Implements NCDC program evaluation surveys through Cognito Forms, Google Forms, and other similar platforms. Distributes individual evaluation surveys to each faculty member. 

●       Manages NCDC’s technology platforms.

●       Proficient in video editing and slideshow creation.

●       Helps to plan and execute NCDC programs. Successful programming and meetings require an ability to manage deadlines, answer questions, review contracts, process registration fees, and create relationships with hotels and other meeting venues. Effective communication skills with participants, faculty members, and outside organizations is necessary.

●       Proficient with and confidence in facilitating online and virtual meetings and webinars via Talent LMS and Zoom and other similar platforms.

●       Knowledge of the hospitality and conference industry is a plus.

●       Work collaboratively with the Programs Manager and under the supervision of the Deans. Supervision of Summer Staffers will be required.

●       Knowledgeable in analytics and proficiency in Excel and other similar software. These skills will also be useful in assisting the Deans and Board of Directors in generating and analyzing large amounts of data. Able to think creatively to create new reports and leverage relevant technology as needed.

A successful Operations Manager will:

 •       Have a bachelor’s degree.

•       Have an interest in criminal justice.

•       The ideal candidate will have experience with the administration or operational functions of a small or mid-sized organization.

•       Proficiency in workplace technology including Google products and apps, QuickBooks, Zoom, Cognito Forms, Square, Salsa, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Vimeo, Camtasia, Dropbox, Adobe, WordPress, Dropbox, Talent LMS, and social media is required and important. An applicant who is already experienced in many of these platforms, but who has not had experience in every one of them, but who can pick up new software quickly can be successful.

•       Be able to communicate effectively and professionally with a friendly and positive attitude in verbal and written communications.

•       Support the creation of an alumni network.

•       Grant writing experience/grant management is a plus.

•       Have a desire to continually learn and become technologically savvy.

•       Be highly organized and able to complete tasks without reminders while being mindful of previously provided instructions.

•       Possess excellent time management skills. Be a resourceful and strategic planner able to prioritize tasks in order of importance and adapt easily when unexpected changes occur utilizing creative thinking skills.

•       Given the lean and remote working structure of the organization, it is essential to maintain communication with the Deans and Program Manager about the status of tasks and ask questions when clarification is needed.

•       Be friendly and helpful.

•       Be a self-starter who takes initiative, follows through on projects, and asks clarifying questions when needed.

•       Be detail oriented. Data entry tasks and reporting require extreme accuracy.

•       The ideal candidate will have some working knowledge of the legal system and a passion for fairness, justice, and quality representation for all those accused of crimes.

•       Have sensitivity and respect for organizational protocol.

•       Have a reputation for honesty, integrity, and fairness.

•       Be able to work collaboratively.

•       Utilize multitasking skills.

•       Accept constructive criticism.

•       Be flexible, adaptable, and embrace constant change.

•       Have a sense of humor.

Salary and Commitment:

•       A three-year commitment is requested. The salary for this position is commensurate with experience.

•       In addition to salary, NCDC will offer individual health insurance to the new Operations Manager.

Application Process

Sent a cover letter (including why you are interested in this position and how you are qualified) and a resume/CV to Deans@ncdc.net.

Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, but applicants are encouraged to submit an application by December 31, 2021, at the latest. The planned starting date is February 1, 2022.

At NCDC, we don’t just accept difference — we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees and our community. NCDC is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

The National Criminal Defense College is a non-profit corporation whose mission is to deliver the highest standard of trial skills training to criminal defense attorneys across the United States. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that…

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Salary to be determined based on experience.


Individual health insurance

Individual health insurance

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Proficient in the English language.


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Como se inscrever

Please email a cover letter (describing why you are interested in this position and our organization and how your prior work experience has prepared you for this position) and your resume/CV.

Please email a cover letter (describing why you are interested in this position and our organization and how your prior work experience has prepared you for this position) and your…

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