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Location: Candidates must be within daily commuting distance to Portland, OR. In-person and remote work will be required. 

Job Type: Full time, permanent, exempt (35 hours a week which would include occasional evenings & weekends) 

Compensation: $45,000 annual salary with generous healthcare, retirement, vacation and sick leave benefits.

Requirement: Must show proof of full vaccination for Covid-19, per Portland Public School guidelines. The date of the full vaccination must be at least two weeks prior to the start date.

Start Date: August 1, 2022


Peace in Schools is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our mission is to liberate mind and heart through teen-centered, transformative mindfulness education. We strive to reverse the teen mental health crisis so the next generation of adults can thrive. Our programs offer evidence-based tools for life, helping teens and adults discover self-awareness, emotional resilience, compassion, and connection. 

In 2014, Peace in Schools launched the nation’s first for-credit mindfulness course in a public high school. Today, we are in 8 Portland Public High Schools serving approximately 500 teens, providing 48,000 hours of mindfulness education each year. Our Staff and Board of Directors strive to center equity and racial justice in all aspects of our work: our systems, policies, curricula, and interactions. We value presence, flexibility, interconnection, compassion and joy. www.peaceinschools.org


Rates of substance abuse, bullying, eating disorders and suicide remain alarmingly high among youth. Providing effective, trauma-informed social-emotional education in the classroom is a viable, mental health intervention that empowers teens in supporting their own well-being. The effectiveness of our programs hinges on the expertise and depth of our mindfulness teachers. In order to reach more teens, we need to continue to grow and strengthen our teaching team.  


Our mindfulness programs are grounded in an evidence-based, equitable, and trauma-informed approach to social-emotional education. Our classes serve as a practical, accessible, effective, and critical resource for all teens — and have particular benefit for teens who are underserved and with high levels of trauma.

Peace in Schools is a small, growing team with a large vision. In the coming years, we strive to significantly expand the number of teens we reach to one day measurably reverse the mental health crisis for teens and therefore the next generation of adults. 


The Peace in Schools Mindfulness Teacher/Program Coordinator (MTPC) reports directly to the Teen Programs Manager and works closely with other team members to plan, implement, evaluate and improve our teen and adult programs. As a MTPC, you will be supported by your direct supervisor as well as other seasoned teachers on the teaching team. Although you will be within daily commuting distance to Portland, OR, our ideal team member thrives while working remotely; because we serve schools around the Portland metro area, much of our training and check ins happens virtually. The Peace in Schools team thrives in collaboration but also works individually toward providing mindfulness to our community. 

For Peace in Schools to achieve its mission, we know we must have supported, happy staff who are fully accountable and empowered in their spheres of work, who trust each other to do excellent work, and who listen and are open minded. Our team strives to practice what we teach - to embody the presence, equity, flexibility, and interconnection we cultivate in our classrooms. We believe that how we do our work is just as important as the outcomes. 


Our Mindfulness class is a for-credit elective course for 10th-12th graders offered in public high schools during the school day. The class is co-taught by a Peace in Schools facilitator (the Mindfulness Teacher) and a Portland Public Schools teacher of record (the Co-Teacher). The Peace in Schools facilitator instructs the Peace in Schools curriculum, while the teacher of record creates and leads the movement portion of the class. These two Co-Teachers work closely together to provide student support and to create a robust, fluid class. The MTPC serves as a positive and impactful ambassador for Peace in Schools as they work directly with students, teachers, principals, parents and beyond. The MTPC position requires commuting to different school sites and our office. 

Peace in Schools also offers in-depth, experiential mindfulness courses designed for teachers, school counselors, parents, clinicians, and anyone who regularly works with young people. The MTPC will also be a part of our Adult Courses teaching team and teach directly to adults. 


As a MTPC, your core purpose will be to support others, and yourself, in mindful living. Doing so requires putting your mindfulness practice at the forefront. We are seeking someone with a long-term mindfulness practice who is excited and ready to receive intensive and ongoing training in the Peace in Schools curricula and approach. The ideal MTPC provides significant attunement to the organizational vision, mission and values and demonstrates a commitment to equity and racial justice work. 

We seek someone who can provide expert facilitation for youth and adults, broad program coordination, and meaningful partnership and outreach support for our Teen and Adult programming. 

The scope of work for the MTPC includes:

  • Direct Teaching to Teens and Adults (75%)
  • Program Planning and Administration (10%)
  • Partnership Support and Outreach (10%)
  • Curriculum & Content Development (5%)
  • Other Duties as Assigned

We are looking for someone who:

  • Has passion for and attunement with our shared mission, values, and philosophical approach to mindfulness education
  • Has significant experience in mindfulness, meditation and/or contemplative practices; previous participation in meditation retreats preferred
  • Has the ability to learn and integrate new mindfulness tools and techniques so that you can teach from experience (e.g. integrating the tools from the curriculum into your own life)
  • Has the ability and desire to learn, be trained in, and teach using the Peace in Schools curriculum and philosophical approach  
  • Enjoys working with teens and is able to relate to and authentically connect with them
  • Has demonstrated experience with group facilitation
  • Has demonstrated experience with classroom management 
  • Has strong communication and listening skills
  • Can build and maintain relationships with community partners and stakeholders
  • Can coordinate required program logistics, supplies, and operations. 
  • Can track and report on program targets and goals.
  • Can work collaboratively with all PINS staff and PPS partners
  • Has strong technology skills, with proficiency in programs such as Excel, Google Apps, Slack, and database programs.
  • Can do quality work with efficiency, consistency and reliability.
  • Has excellent time management skills
  • Demonstrates flexibility and willingness
  • Is available some evenings and weekends

We strongly prefer someone who: 

  • Has a minimum of 1 year experience working with teens in a structured program or school
  • Has formally practiced mindfulness for 5+ years 
  • Demonstrates self-awareness in terms of understanding their own culture, identity, biases, prejudices, power, privilege, and stereotypes. Has a combination of life or work experience and/or training in anti-racism, equity work.
  • Has experience working with people of diverse ages, races and backgrounds; bilingual a plus!
  • Has access to transportation to get to and from multiple job sites

Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they meet every one of the qualifications as described in a job description. We recognize that experience can be gained in a variety of ways: lived, professional, volunteer and other experience. We thoroughly look through application questions and resumes in order to qualify candidates for our open positions.

If you are interested in this position, but think you may not meet all the above criteria, please do apply! 

Within One Month You Will:

  • Complete the Peace in Schools onboarding process which includes learning the organization’s mission, vision and core values as well as systems, procedures and processes
  • Meet and introduce yourself to the Peace in Schools Team
  • Understand your scope of work, benefits, professional development opportunities, and internal culture, structure, and communication
  • Understand the organization’s current and past equity work
  • Establish a supportive relationship with your supervisor, the Teen Programs Manager
  • Begin to learn where your role intersects with other teachers and staff
  • Begin learning the Peace in Schools curriculum through shadowing other teachers and attending teacher meetings/one-on-one mentorship meetings
  • Teach teens and receive feedback and mentorship 
  • Build rapport and a supportive relationship with your Portland Public Schools co-teacher
  • Learn about school partnerships and building school relationships 
  • Understand your administrative duties including Slack, email, scheduling, and preparation 

Within Three Months You Will:

  • Attend a Peace in Schools course or workshop to clarify and deepen your understanding of the organization’s mission  
  • Be in regular communication with current partnership stakeholders, such as High School principals 
  • Work with program staff and teachers to coordinate teen and adult programs 

Within Six Months You Will:

  • Fully handle preparation, teaching and administrative tasks
  • Be an ambassador for the organization’s mission, vision and core values in your daily work interactions and decisions  
  • Continue learning the Peace in Schools curriculum and approach through teaching, observation, mentorship, and feedback 
  • Perform additional duties of similar complexity within the organization, as required or assigned


Fully complete and submit the online application form, and attach your resume. Applications will be accepted until May 30, 2022. No phone calls or emails please. 

Peace in Schools is an equal opportunity employer. We strongly value equity, diversity and inclusion. We are dedicated to the goal of building a culturally diverse and pluralistic team committed to working in a multicultural environment. We strongly encourage applicants of color to apply.

Location: Candidates must be within daily commuting distance to Portland, OR. In-person and remote work will be required. 

Job Type: Full time, permanent, exempt (35 hours a week which would include occasional evenings & weekends…

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Generous healthcare, retirement, vacation and sick leave benefits.

Generous healthcare, retirement, vacation and sick leave benefits.


Portland, OR, USA

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Fully complete and submit the online application form, and attach your resume. No phone calls or emails please. 

Fully complete and submit the online application form, and attach your resume. No phone calls or emails please. 

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