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Under the supervision and direction of the Rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, the Music and Choir Director will:

With the approval of the Rector of St. Mary’s, or his or her designee, choose Sunday and special service music for the St. Mary’s Choir, in cooperation with the organist or accompanist. (1.0)

As above, select appropriate choir anthem or soloist / duets pieces for the choir (.5)

Recruit and equip choir members, section leaders, and vocalist leads, rehearse the choir 1.5 hours weekly, and provide support to individual section leaders, choir members and musicians as needed. (3.5)

Serve as music coordinator and/or choir director for the St. Mary’s Choir during 9am Sunday morning (10AM in the immediate post-COVID period or 10AM in the summer) and special worship services. (1.5)

Provide for special vocal support or performance as needed for the 9/10 AM service or special services.

Maintain proper care and organization of the music collection, bells, piano, etc. Arrange tunings of instruments as needed, in consultation with the rector. (.25)

Represent the choir at the Annual Ministry Fair (in the Fall) and write the Annual report for the St. Mary’s 9/10 AM Service.

Communicate weekly to the choir using e-mail, etc., to keep the choir motivated and appraised of upcoming opportunities, programs, and plans. Assist with recruiting new members into the choir. (.25)

Assist with special liturgical services (including services of Christmas, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday Holy Week, and Thanksgiving) or other special events such as retreats requiring music, as needed. (.25)

Arrange for and schedule guest musicians, soloists, duets, or other appropriate special music for summer services, or services at which the choir is unable to be present in full strength. (.5)

In cooperation with the Rector or his or her designee, facilitate the recruitment, selection, and/or utilization of contemporary musicians and music as needed to supplement the usual traditional musical offerings of St. Mary’s for Sunday or special services.

Report all paid employee’s hours worked and rehearsals/worship services attended to the Operations Manager and Administrator.

Attend one worship committee meeting per month, and St. Mary’s staff meeting as needed. (2 per mo. = .5/wk)

Assist with Children’s Music programs, or other music needs of St. Mary’s as needed.

Write an occasional piece for the St. Mary’s weekly newsletter, website, or social media, and submit regular announcements of upcoming music-program or choir related events. (.5)

Arrange for the hosting or organization of an annual choir Christmas party for the choir.

Communicate pastoral care needs within the choir to church staff.

Maintain a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive spirit within the music department and choir, and support the overall mission of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church with whole-hearted dedication, commitment, good humor, and passion. 

Nurture and maintain a cooperative and life-giving professional relationship with the musicians, clergy, and Rector of St. Mary’s.

Compensation is $10,631.75 per year

This position is salaried. The average monthly workload is estimated to be approximately 37.75 hours (~8.75 hrs. / wk.) from Sept 1st – May 30th. Summer workload is estimated to be 18 hrs. per month. Yearly average is estimated to be 394 hours/ year, or the approximate equivalent of 7.6 hrs. per week Jan – Dec. Equivalent hourly rate is $27/hr. Averaged throughout the year, this is approx. $205/week. 

The usual yearly work schedule is Sept 1st – May 31st, and approximately 6-9 services during the months of June, July, and August, as scheduled by the rector. Other than scheduled Sundays off according to the summer schedule, it is expected that the Music Director will have scheduling or travel conflicts on occasion, and up to an additional 4 Sunday services per year may be taken off, at a compensation reduction of $200 per Sunday. The organist/ Music director will make arrangements for a substitute musician in their absence.

St. Mary’s Episcopal Church is a vibrant, welcoming, and inclusive church community that does not discriminate due to age, race, disability, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity.

Under the supervision and direction of the Rector of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church, the Music and Choir Director will:

With the approval of the Rector of St. Mary’s, or his or her designee, choose Sunday and special service music for the St. Mary’s Choir…

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$10,631.75 per year


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