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Dear Applicants,

An Admin Asst. / Project Coordinator is needed at the Relationship Foundation!  Someone living within travel distance to the East Village, NYC,  is preferred. Starting pay is $700 a week.

Do you have a burning desire to be a part of “real” social change then you’ve come to the right place! Interested, first find out all about us.

Read on and find out how the Trauma-Informed/Responsive Schools approach and an extraordinary life skill, Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (in the age of violence) can transform any school's or organization’s culture, In the aftermath of the health crisis, school massacres, and the long overdue reckoning with the Black and Indigenous nations, we are at a crossroads. Our work is a paradigm shift.

We ask this essential question:

We spend 12 years in school preparing for a career.

How much time do we spend preparing for a relationship?

Any relationship?

Have you been asking this question along with the rest of the population? With the increase in bullying, social cruelty, self-harm, youth suicides, and uncensored media, offering Relationship Education that focuses on an emerging approach to conscious and respectful communication is ever more necessary, especially under these trying conditions. ? Is your heart broken over Uvalde! Salvatore Ramos wasn’t born to be a killer. No kid is. We can get to the Ramos’ before they lose it.

An Admin Asst. / Project Coordinator is needed to support administrative operations, strategizing, and development. Experience in the public education system is a plus, but not a prerequisite.

It's $700 a week TO START. If we're a match, pay raises will follow. Pay increases will be based on performance and commitment. If this figure is an issue, you may want to consider volunteering. If you are running your own small company and/or have a side job(s) it won’t work out. We are on the verge of working with thousands of schools and organizations, so you have to be all in. You’ll see. If you walk in the door, the interns will tell you this is true.

More on the project:

Once schools closed in March of 2020, a New York City school administrator discovered our book and we were subsequently asked to give a training session for 272 schools in Manhattan. Then we were asked to give a second one. They were so well received that other boroughs asked for our work. This has resulted in us giving remote training sessions for over 700 schools throughout the city: all were unpaid as schools' budgets were frozen. After one training, an administrator called our work, "CPR for the Soul." Our work makes an impact. Paying gigs have picked up as word of our work has spread. In addition to the work in schools, we give two public webinars a month in the evenings that have attracted those in education, and community service organizations from around the world. We’ve had over 15,000 registrations. Some of the attendees are now hiring us to work with their organizations. Our YouTube page has some of the webinars that were recorded.

Here is what we do and who we are:

The Relationship Foundation (TRF), a 501(c)3 non-profit, has been teaching its "Healthy Relationships 101" program in high schools in New York City for 15 years. We instruct students, teachers, and child advocates on how to sustain healthy, thriving, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships with everyone in their lives.

One of the most effective things we do is support students and teachers to articulate their needs and feelings without blame and judgment and to listen empathically; everything we wish we had learned growing up. Given how disconnected (or over-connected) our society is today, learning this work can make all the difference both in and out of school.

The communication skill set we teach is based on Marshall Rosenberg's book, Nonviolent Communication (NVC)," and the results from this approach have been extraordinary. See our website for details. Equally as important is introducing the Trauma-Informed Schools approach to help schools' staff understand that so called problem students are actually kids with toxic stress in their brain chemistry due to abuse, neglect, and unstable home lives (or homeless lives). Understanding this changes how kids are treated and the positive outcomes are phenomenal. You can see this unfold in the film Paper Tigers. The Trauma-Informed approach with a troubled student is not what's wrong with you, but what's going on with you? This changes everything and makes room to eliminate the damaging punishment model. We also go into detail about the neuroscience of trauma and how impaired neural networks can be regenerated. The emergence of the neuroscience of behavior is entering public awareness.

We have a book, a curriculum for schools, and a guidebook for organizations. Our guidebook for facilitators is being used by women's organizations, mental health clinics, domestic violence prevention groups, prison counselors, and therapists.

A candidate will be selected based on the skills they bring and their commitment to the organization's mission. A motivated self-starter with a keen sense of organization is a must.

Excellent typing and computer skills are required. There will be a certain amount of typing, but it is a creative experience. The work will require, familiarizing yourself with the project and strategizing how to move the organization forward.

As an Admin Asst. / Project Coordinator you will become a valued staff member and learn the history of the project, gain new insights, and help to focus on opportunities to maximize their potential.

If you have a part time position elsewhere, it will not work out, especially if you have a set daily schedule for it. Does this project sound like it will have you waking up each day knowing you are making a difference? If so then let’s move forward.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for someone who dreams big, wants to join a nonprofit on the brink of wider recognition, and desires to make a difference in the world. Before you respond please review our website, www.trf.net, and watch the Google Talk on the resources page to get a sense of the basics we bring to the public. Your cover letter must indicate you have a sense of the basics of our work. Some folks shoot off a form letter. Due to time constraints, we have to pass on those.

All resumes must include a cover letter. And finally, please put something catchy in the subject line so I know you've read the entire post. Some people put Catchy in the subject line. Not the best choice.

Send your resume and cover letter to committedtoavision@gmail.com

Thank you for reading all the way to the end!

Michael Jascz, Executive Director

The Relationship Foundation

Dear Applicants,

An Admin Asst. / Project Coordinator is needed at the Relationship Foundation!  Someone living within travel distance to the East Village, NYC,  is preferred. Starting pay is $700 a week.

Do you have a burning desire to be a part of…

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