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Since 2018, CIVICUS has embarked on a series of culture and systems strengthening processes aimed at enabling greater cohesion, inclusion and effectiveness across all levels of the organisation. A number of internal policies pertaining to human resource development have either been created or updated in this period. This includes the development of externally benchmarked processes for benefits, remuneration, recruitment and inclusion. 

The creation of an explicit framework for staff learning and development is an important next step in the endeavour to make CIVICUS a fit-for-purpose organisation. This effort is informed by insights and recommendations provided through three independent studies of our organisational culture and systems in this period, namely (i) the CIVICUS Strategic Plan Mid-term Review, Dec 2019 (ii) the CIVICUS Learning Framework review, April 2021 and (iii) the Race and Racial Justice Situational Analysis, May 2021. It will also address key recommendations of the Human Resources Audit conducted in 2018, specifically targeting agreed priorities in relation to a refreshed and learning-oriented Performance Appraisal System and the development of frameworks related to progression and succession planning. 


The proposed CIVICUS Staff Learning & Development framework will specifically aim to:

  1. Establish a learning-oriented and user-friendly appraisal system that enables all employees of CIVICUS to establish, monitor and update their professional growth and development goals on a regular basis. This process would ideally reflect and channel an employee’s passion for and potential contribution to civil society at large and help explore how their current role contributes to their unique mission and motivations. 
  2. Develop supporting journeys that enables all employees to coordinate time-bound plans towards their learning and development goals. This includes the active engagement of line managers, relevant peers and stakeholders (e.g. experts or agencies available to us through our networks) to identify and resource goal-oriented learning opportunities.
  3. Create an institution-wide approach to talent management so all line managers receive explicit training to support their teams in monitoring and achieving their development goals, while also contributing to the ongoing review and improvement of the institution’s learning & development framework.
  4. Integrate objectives for targeted progression and succession planning in line with our institutional D&I commitments, i.e. Fair Share of Women Leaders (2019) and response to the Racial Justice Review (2021).
  5. Activate processes for mentoring and support within and beyond the organisation so that a wider culture of learning and development is adopted and experienced across levels of the organisation and informs the wider work we do with our peers and partners.


A body of engaged and motivated staff is one of our biggest assets in strategy implementation and our ability to stay relevant in a complex and unpredictable external environment. In making the move from a task-based to learning-oriented appraisal and progression system, we want to adopt a framework that is consistent with global standards of development and accountability, is reflective of our institutional values and commitments and and is responsive to individual needs and motivations of our staff.

In order to design this framework, we will hire an independent expert (consultant) to review the analyses and recommendations available to us from relevant institutional processes, consult further with relevant internal and external stakeholders and propose an implementation plan for a composite and context-specific Staff Learning & Development framework.

The consultant must have established experience with developing systems and processes for talent management and leadership development, preferably within the comparable organisations within the development and/or human rights sector. They will ideally be from the global south, and must have a proven record of reviewing and progressing issues of gender and racial justice within multicultural organisations that involve remote and dispersed working practices. 

The consultant’s proposal must outline a work plan for the following stages of the process:

  1.  Scoping and design of the Staff Learning & Development Framework (Dec-Mar 2022)
  2. Testing of key elements for feedback and improvement (Mar-Jun 2022)
  3. Coordination with the HR team to create a budgeted plan for the phased implementation of the proposed framework across July 2022 to June 2023


All work must be concluded by mid-June 2023. Specific work plan and deliverable to be agreed with CIVICUS team.

To submit proposals

Proposals for the above opportunity should include:

  • Brief outline of approach and vision for the assignment, including a timeline
  • Budget/cost estimate including all costs and daily fee
  • CV and portfolio/examples of similar assignments

Please send your proposal to adele.manuel@civicus.org  before 28 November 2021.  You may also contact us at the same email address for any questions or queries. 


Since 2018, CIVICUS has embarked on a series of culture and systems strengthening processes aimed at enabling greater cohesion, inclusion and effectiveness across all levels of the organisation. A number of internal policies…

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