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Walnut Hill School for the Arts seeks a full-time Director of Dance for the 2022-2023 Academic year. The Boston Ballet’s Professional Division at Walnut Hill’s Director of Dance is the educational leader and supervisor for the Dance department in accordance with the Walnut Hill School for the Arts mission, vision, and educational and artistic philosophy. 

Working collectively with Senior Leadership, the Academic, Arts, Student Life, and Community Programs departments, the Director of Dance serves as a mentor and guide to ensure that the program embodies the School’s mission and vision and shares the department’s work and art with the greater community. The Director of Dance reports to the Director of Artistic Studies and School Administration at Walnut Hill, and to the Artistic Director of Boston Ballet, for curriculum and program development, pedagogy, supervision, assessment, and program implementation.

The Director of Dance is responsible for leading, supporting, and developing the artistic life of the Dance community at Walnut Hill. The Director is an experienced educator able to represent the artistic discipline with integrity, honesty, and a genuine love for guiding young students towards a fulfilling life within the arts and beyond. The Director of Dance supports and encourages the philosophy that a ballet-focused course of study is beneficial for all students when delivered with the appropriate care and modifications required for the changing body of an adolescent; and that a well-rounded curriculum integrating contemporary and somatic practices is an integral part of preparing young dancers for a long lasting and fulfilling career in dance. 


All Walnut Hill faculty are active and engaged members of the school community who are committed to collaborating and growing in their teaching practice, supporting diverse learners in and outside the classroom, participating in school events and supporting students in their arts, supporting other faculty and staff members, and who have the ability to self-reflect on their own practice. Commitment to the school’s Core Values, of Community, Growth, Excellence, Creativity, and Respect are imperative to the success of a Walnut Hill faculty or staff member. Arts faculty model best teaching practices specific to their artistic discipline and actively support all aspects of department life. 


Dance Department Responsibilities:

·        Manage a wide array of department needs including managing faculty recruitment and retention; developing rehearsal schedules and productions; creating masterclass rosters that foster diversity and inclusion; planning and coordinating field trips; managing materials and equipment; and assisting with pre-screenings and college application materials; create and be open to exploring new ways to provide high-level online and remote learning curriculum as needed;

·        Supervise department members and lead collaborative hiring process; provide written and verbal feedback to teachers and provide information about teaching resources where needed, and conduct teacher evaluations and reviews per the school’s performance evaluation protocol outlined in the faculty handbook; provide expertise, guidance, coaching, and leadership to support Dance department faculty growth and development; supervise and evaluate the Associate Director of Dance, who will also be evaluated by the Director of Artistic Studies according to performance goals set forth in the job description and in adherence with the Walnut Hill faculty evaluation protocol outlined in the faculty handbook. 

·        Collaborate on the development, maintenance, and communication of the mission for the department, including learning outcome goals for students and a clearly articulated pedagogical vision; 

·        Lead department meetings; 

·        Work actively to align department work with the School’s vision, developing outward facing opportunities in performance via live and digital (live streams) concerts/events and in collaboration with other artforms and artists; 

·        Maintain an active interest in dance medicine and science findings and adapt the curriculum accordingly; work to dissipate body stereotypes and foster a forward-thinking approach in dance pedagogy;

·        Supervise/deliver the dance audition tour and explore new markets for future recruiting; and

·        Other duties and responsibilities attributed to the Department director role and/or as assigned by the Director of Artistic Studies or School Administration.

Teaching Duties:

·        Teach the assigned number of sections, both in person and online, dependent upon enrollment and as determined in consultation with the Director of Artistic Studies; utilize best practices in teaching to the artistic discipline; and

·        Prepare lessons and develop curriculum; teach, lead, and guide students; establish clear expectations and guidelines and manage student behavior in and out of the classroom, and in the online environment; grade student work in a timely manner consistent with school standards; communicate clearly and effectively with students in person and via email regarding schoolwork and assignments and be cognizant of performance schedules, tech week, and other arts-related activities; utilize technology and other educational tools to support student learning; and engage in curricular and other initiatives as implemented by School Administration.

Performance Responsibilities:

Performance is seen as an integral part of the students’ development as dancers at Walnut Hill, honing important skills of organization, mask and costume, stage etiquette, and live performance experience. In collaboration with the Artistic Director of Boston Ballet, the Director of Dance plans and oversees a season that includes three mainstage concerts in addition to smaller studio showings. 


This is a full-time academic year (10-month) position. All faculty must be flexible and will be expected to work with the Director’s of Artistic and Academic Studies to determine an appropriate schedule that may be modified during the school year. A final schedule for all arts and academic faculty will be sent out before the start of the school year and will be modified as needed throughout the year. 

Advising & Other Duties:

·        If appropriate and assigned, serve as a student advisor or the equivalent; work individually with each advisee to maximize their experience at Walnut Hill and provide students with a consistent and caring adult relationship while at school; maintain appropriate and open communication with the Director of Community Programs, the Class Dean, school administration, faculty, and parents regarding student issues; remain current on the school’s academic and artistic program requirements to actively guide students through planning and course registration; join Student Resource Committee (SRC) meetings as needed; and

·        If appropriate and assigned, serve as a club advisor or the equivalent or chaperone events and provide weekend team duty as assigned by the Student Life office. 

Community Involvement & Engagement:

·        Attend and participate in communal programs outside the classroom including but not limited to, assemblies, guest speakers, and special programs; model and encourage appropriate behavior and monitor students during events and programming; 

·        Plan, chaperone, and participate in field trips and outside activities;

·        Attend student performances, art openings, and art events throughout the year; support and engage richly in arts productions, shows, exhibitions, and performances; and

·        Attend Family Weekend, Open House, Class Night, Boar’s director, Candlelight, Awards Ceremony, and Graduation; attend other events as required.

Collaboration, Professional Development, and Training:

·        Work collaboratively with colleagues across all departments to foster a positive working and educational environment for students and employees to support the school’s mission, vision, and core values;

·        Partner with the Marketing and Development departments for advertising, fundraising, and promotional materials and activities as needed; work with Development for Alumni relations and outreach; 

·        Work with students outside of classroom time as needed; 

·        Attend and participate in all faculty and staff meetings and department meetings; collaborate with department members and the Director of Artistic Studies on curriculum development, lesson planning, student issues, and department initiatives; participate in Departmental Reviews and self-study; participate and engage fully in individual reviews and evaluations; be open to feedback and work with School Administration to set goals and expectations for the future;

·        Attend and participate in all Professional Development days, training programs, orientation programs, benefit meetings, mandatory seminars, team-building exercises, and safety training/drills; and

·        Pursue professional development opportunities in and out of school; display willingness and ability to grow, learn, explore new approaches, and practice self-reflection; work with department members, colleagues, and school administration on educational and pedagogical growth and innovative tools and techniques in and out of the classroom.

Administrative and Additional Responsibilities:

·        Perform other administrative or educational duties as assigned by the Head of School or their designee;

·        Utilize the learning management system (LMS) to facilitate communication across the school community; take and record attendance, and maintain Class Pages for each academic class; maintain grades, comments, and progress reports as required and as needed; 

·        Keep records of correspondence with parents, progress of advisees, records of teaching practice and student work and utilize the LMS appropriately to communicate student issues; and 

·        Complete required paperwork, forms, surveys, employment documents, background checks, fingerprinting, online training programs, request and report absences, accidents, and injuries, and follow other school policy and legal requirements by established deadlines.

Skills & Requirements:

·        Strong knowledge of artistic discipline and ability and willingness to continue to learn, research, and grow;

·        Possess excellent customer service skills and ability to work with a wide range of people – students, parents, faculty, staff, outside artists, vendors, and community members;

·        Ability to work independently and effectively in a changing, fast-paced environment;

·        Commitment to working in and fostering an inclusive community; 

·        Ability to speak authentically about the imperative for diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools; 

·        Be committed to learning about and practicing anti-racist work;

·        Share an educational vision that aligns with the core principles of Walnut Hill and Boston Ballet;

·        Strong collaboration and team-oriented working and leadership skills along with the ability to balance a pursuit of academic, artistic, and institutional excellence with compassion and nurture for each individual;

·        Possess and exude a positive attitude, passion for teaching and learning, and a sense of humor!

Walnut Hill School for the Arts seeks a full-time Director of Dance for the 2022-2023 Academic year. The Boston Ballet’s Professional Division at Walnut Hill’s Director of Dance is the educational leader and supervisor for the Dance…

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To Apply: Submit resume and cover letter through the Walnut Hill School for the Arts online Career Center.  

To Apply: Submit resume and cover letter through the Walnut Hill School for the Arts online Career Center.  

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