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Based in East Harlem, two long-standing and well-regarded harm reduction organizations in New York City are seeking a Drop In Center Manager. The non-profits, the process of completing a merger, are innovative organizations serving low-income people who use drugs and other marginalized individuals. The wide range of mobile and center-based services are delivered by upwards of 80 staff and peer workers, and include syringe access, overdose prevention, public health, care coordination, medical care, holistic, peer education, and advocacy services. The organizations have a combined $7 million budget made up of mainly government grants. 

Position Summary: 

The Drop In Center Manager (DICM) is a detail and systems oriented individual with a vision for creating

and growing DIC programming. This position supervises 3 Shift Supervisors providing 24 hour services in

the DIC, and oversees all front line staff providing low threshold services in our buildings. Low threshold

services include harm reduction supplies (syringes, smoking kits, safer sex kits, narcan kits, etc), food and

beverages, hygiene services (showers and laundry), and respite. The DIC program and low threshold

services are rapidly expanding. The DICM is tasked with launching and sustaining programming for

participants who access low threshold services to keep them engaged, educated, supported in their own

decisions, and linked to care as well. The DICM is also responsible for creating and improving systems to

keep the DIC consistently cleaned, stocked, and organized. This position is also responsible for building

the capacities of our entry-level front line DIC staff. The ideal DICM is solutions focused, driven by our

mission, and energized by building new systems and programs to build out our innovative services.

Key Responsibilities:

Leadership and Staff Supervision

  • Lead team of 15+ staff
  • Supervise DIC Shift Supervisors’ work; provide regular supportive and concrete feedback to improve service provision
  • Manage call outs and staff coverage for all DIC shifts
  • Ensure Shift Supervisors provide individual supervision to each member of their team at least once a month; review supervision forms and provide support to Shift Supervisors as needed
  • Ensure safety for participants and staff in the DIC
  • Ensure shift meetings are led effectively and productively by the Shift Supervisors
  • Create systems to support Shift Supervisors in ensuring that DIC is kept constantly clean, stocked, and organized
  • Lead in addressing disciplinary issues with Shift Supervisor; ensure disciplinary issues are addressed expeditiously and according to progressive disciplinary practices; ensure disciplinary steps are documented according to HR policy
  • Lead bi-monthly DIC Meetings with Shift Supervisors to review implementation of new systems and programs, provide coaching to improve Supervisors’ managerial skills, generate solutions to programmatic challenges, etc.
  • Work with Director of Syringe Access to create framework for suggested suspension lengths for specific behaviors – this will be used as a guide for Shift Supervisors during consensus based processes with their teams that determine specific suspension lengths
  • Ensure all staff meetings and supervisions are properly documented in accordance with HR Policies and contractual obligations

Programming – Development and Implementation

  • Create and launch programming in the DIC including, but not limited to, educational groups, barbershops, nail salons, activity groups, etc.
  • Support and oversee Shift Supervisors in implementation of new programming
  • Build systems and partnerships to ensure consistent supply of clothing and shoe donations
  • Expand nutritional program and juice/smoothie bars
  • Make sure that all the equipment and utilities in the DIC are correctly functioning at all time
  • Ensure participants flow through the space efficiently and create systems to improve service delivery and participant care

Staff Training and Capacity Building

  • Ensure staff have proper training to do their jobs effectively; identify other training needs for the team leading scheduling, coordination, and creation of the trainings
  • Ensure one on one overdose trainings are provided to each DIC staff, including supervisors according to each individual staff’s skill set and needs
  • Ensure one on one safe injection trainings are provided to each DIC staff, including supervisors according to each individual staff’s skill set and needs

Time and Attendance

  • Monitor calendar for time and attendance notices added by the Shift Supervisor; ensure calendar protocol is correctly followed by Shift Supervisors
  • Find coverage for Shift Supervisors if call outs impede service delivery
  • Provide final approval and stopgap for timesheet submission prior to submitting to the Director of Syringe Access
  • Ensure PTO is entered correctly by staff in ADP
  • Cross reference calendar documentation of staff time and attendance with the timesheet
  • Work with Shift Supervisors to correct any errors in timesheets
  • Inform staff about sick time balances as necessary

Documentation of Program Activities and Reporting

  • Continuously update the Policies and Procedures for the DIC as necessary
  • Complete monthly and quarterly reports for funders
  • Review and edit monthly and quarterly report submissions from Shift Supervisors in addition to generating content and completing reports
  • Work with the Data Department to ensure DIC and SEP data is being accurately and thoroughly documented in the SND app
  • Generate solutions to data collection challenges; implement improvements with Shift Supervisors and staff
  • Review Shift Kick Off Meeting agendas and sign ins; ensure proper documentation to meet contractual obligations
  • Ensure Shift Supervisors communicate effectively and with a “solutions focused” approach between Shift Supervisors during shift change; ensure Shift Supervisor documents program progress and updates in Shift Sign Out email
  • Complete monthly and quarterly reports for funders; work with Shift Supervisors to delegate content creation; edit all content prior to submission to the Director of Syringe Access

Operations and Supplies

  • Build systems to ensure DIC is fully stocked with necessary supplies
  • Work with Distribution Manager to ensure the program has access to the correct quantity of supplies that meets need and demand
  • Ensure Shift Supervisors follow restocking systems
  • Ensure Shift Supervisors keep the DIC clean and tidy at all times
  • Build systems to ensure weekly deep cleans of the program spaces
  • Create program operations and systems in preparation for 24/7 DIC access and service delivery
  • Act as an Ambassador to the Program at all time; liaise with community members, NYPD, partners etc. who may drop by the DIC professionally, warmly, and while following protocol

Security and Safety

  • Ensure safety for participants and staff in the DIC
  • Ensure Shift Supervisors effectively manage flow of participants safely and efficiently through the program space and adhere to space capacity limits
  • Work with Naloxone Manager to ensure DIC staff are comfortable and confident with OD intervention and monitoring
  • Manage and respond to critical incidents reported by Shift Supervisor, with support from the Director of Syringe Access
  • Provide coaching to Shift Supervisors and staff on de-escalation and opportunities to correct
  • Lead and manage suspension process and participant returns from suspensions with Shift Supervisor

Interagency Department Coordination

  • The Drop-in Center is a hub for participants and their first access point to the organization; create and implement systems to improve coordination of care between the DIC and other departments within the agency
  • Create “orientation” for new participants who enter the program through the DIC
  • Create system for participant flow throughout the building between low threshold services and other departments
  • Work with Distribution Manager to ensure the DIC is stocked with all supplies necessary for services; ensure DIC supplies are requested to be ordered before running out and according to protocol
  • Work with the Director of Fleet and Facilities to ensure maintenance and repairs in the DIC are completed in a timely manner
  • Work closely with Volunteer and Training Coordinator to support program objectives and volunteers working in OnPoint’s low threshold services
  • Work closely with Harm Reduction Mental Health Unit staff to promote low threshold access to mental health care for program participants
  • Other tasks as necessary and identified by supervisor

Requirements and Experience:

  • The DICM is someone with experience in harm reduction, syringe exchange, and/ or social justice as it pertains to individuals who use drugs or who engage in sex work.
  • 5+ years of experience supervising staff required.
  • Must be excited about building new programs, systems, policies, and providing capacity building to staff in a rapidly expanding organization.
  • Lived experience in the areas of substance use, sex work, HIV and HCV prevention preferred.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in the areas of safer injection techniques and overdose prevention, HCV prevention and treatment a must. Knowledge of the Bronx and East Harlem IDU/ substance use communities preferred.
  • Overdose intervention experience preferred.
  • Must be dedicated to advancing an agenda of equal rights and social justice for low-income people who use drugs, especially women of color through activism and political participation.
  • Must be committed to advancing an anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic agenda.
  • Must be an organized, self-motivated team-player, with strong interpersonal and communication skills, basic computer skills, and the ability and willingness to be hands-on and solve problems as they arise.
  • Must be committed to the principles of Harm Reduction and to working with low-income people who use drugs and who are sex workers.
  • Bilingual (Spanish) highly preferred.


Based in East Harlem, two long-standing and well-regarded harm reduction organizations in New York City are seeking a Drop In Center Manager. The non-profits, the process of completing a merger, are innovative organizations…

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104-106 E. 126th Street, 1-A, New York, NY 10035, United States

Como se inscrever

To apply:  Send your resume, a cover letter that effectively addresses the above-mentioned responsibilities and requirements as well as demonstrates your ability to contribute positively to the agency, and salary requirements to jobs@nyhre.org and pmarcus@nyhre.org . Subject line should read, “ Drop In Center Manager Position – last name”. All attachments should adhere to the following naming convention “Lastname, Firstname CoverLetter”. As this position requires attention to detail, omitting or not following all of the application procedures will result in your disqualification. No calls please. 


Washington Heights CORNER Project and the New York Harm Reduction Educators are Equal Opportunity Employers and do not discriminate relative to race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, medical status, or history of incarceration. Individuals who have personal experience with drug use, people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA), women, people of color and BIPOC individuals, members of the LGBTQI community, individuals living with disabilities, and individuals with a history of justice-system involvement are strongly encouraged to apply. 

To apply:  Send your resume, a cover letter that effectively addresses the above-mentioned responsibilities and requirements as well as demonstrates your ability to contribute…

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