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Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator (full-time)

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Logo de Kentucky Refugee Ministries, Inc.

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As part of the Family and Youth Services staff, the Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator will provide educational case management services and implement college and career readiness and other out-of-school-time programming for youth and young adult refugees and immigrants, including the Rise Up Mentor Program. The individual in this role will work collaboratively with the Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator on program planning and management. Responsibilities include meeting with young adults on an ongoing basis, creating individualized client case plans, and equipping them to access available community resources. Additionally this role involves co-coordinating the Rise Up Mentor Program and planning and implementing workshops, college visits, and other out-of-school time programming that will empower clients to pursue their academic and vocational goals while supporting their psychosocial development.

Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) Family and Youth Services Program works with approximately 100-150 high-school-aged youth and young adults each year. Clients have varying levels of English proficiency—some speaking little or no English—and diverse educational and cultural backgrounds. Once in Louisville, young adults are eager for guidance in pursuing additional education. Most young adults face barriers that prevent them from accessing the education that they seek. Some of these barriers are a lack of knowledge and understanding of available academic services. Another barrier is the cost of education and the misperception that higher education is unaffordable. They also have financial needs that require them to work. The role of the Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator is to help educate, advocate, and encourage young adults as they overcome these barriers. The Rise Up Program provides comprehensive educational and vocational support services for those ages 15-24 years old as well as engagement in youth/youth adult programming throughout the year. These services include educational case management, college and vocational training exploration, educational workshops, and out-of-school-time programming. Lastly, the Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator manages a mentorship program serving these youth. The Rise Up Mentorship Program matches KRM volunteers with teen and young adult clients to work collaboratively in meeting their educational, vocational, and social emotional goals. The goal of the program is to promote positive civic and social engagement and support individual educational and vocational attainment while providing opportunities for youth to connect and learn together.

Other Rise Up out-of-school-time programming includes the following offerings: Super College and Career Readiness Program, Teen Connect Program, and the Teen Boost Summer Program. The Super College and Career Readiness Program is a monthly opportunity for students to engage with a local college, university or vocational education provider on a campus tour, learn about the application process, and become more acquainted with college expectations and norms through workshops and educational activities that support their transition from high school to secondary education. The Teen Connect Program is a monthly event, designed to provide youth and young adult students space to connect and build community through games, educational activities, and arts engagement. The Teen Boost Summer Program is a six-week academic and psychosocial program for high school-aged refugee students that provides a safe environment for youth to sustain and advance their language acquisition and a space for them to build meaningful community with peers and educators.

Agency Profile

Founded in 1990 as a nonprofit agency in Louisville, Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KRM) is a local affiliate of Church World Service (CWS), one of nine national voluntary agencies authorized to provide resettlement services to refugees admitted to the United States through the State Department’s Refugee Admissions Program. KRM also has offices in Lexington and Covington, Kentucky.

In addition to refugees, KRM serves Afghan, Ukrainian and Cuban parolees, and individuals from various countries who have been approved for, or are applying for, asylum.

KRM secures housing and medical care for refugees and provides them with comprehensive case management including employment services, ESL and cultural orientation, and specialized programs for refugee youth and elders and the arts. KRM also offers citizenship classes for immigrants preparing to apply for U.S. citizenship. KRM’s immigration legal services offices include six full-time immigration attorneys, who provide services to immigrants of all statuses. KRM also provides services to immigrant victims of crime.

KRM staff do not engage in any religious messaging in connection to delivery of client services.

Essential Duties and Tasks

In collaboration with the other Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator and with supervision from the Family and Youth Services Manager, this Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator will carry out the following activities:

  • Co-coordinate the Rise Up Mentor Program, including training volunteers, connecting youth and young adults with the program, and matching students with volunteers
  • Co-plan and implement other out-of-school time programming for clients including the Super College and Career Readiness Program, Teen Connect Program, and Teen Boost Summer Program
  • Track Rise Up program activities and outcomes and maintain communication with families and volunteers on an ongoing basis in order to evaluate program success and survey the needs and interests of current clients
  • Maintain an up-to-date database of young adult refugee and immigrant arrivals and current Rise Up participants
  • Meet with newly arriving clients to increase awareness of programming resources
  • Work collaboratively with the clients to provide educational case management, including the development and implementation of participant-driven, case plans for attaining individualized educational and vocational goals
  • Maintain records of current participants and track their progress toward achieving their goals in online databases
  • Assist participants in connecting with available community resources and maintain strong working relationships with community partners
  • Work collaboratively with the other Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator and Family and Youth Services Manager on program grant proposals, service plans and reporting
  • Seek out and attends professional development opportunities to learn best practices in young adult education for English Language Learners in order to provide relevant services to youth and young adult clients
  • Plan regularly with staff and participate in bi-monthly Family and Youth Services department meetings and activities

Job Requirements

  • College degree required
  • Previous cross-cultural experience required, preferably in a social service or educational setting
  • Strong computer skills; including proficiency in MS Excel, Word and Google Suite
  • Possesses reliable transportation to transport clients/ perform offsite duties as needed
  • Experience working with youth required
  • Teaching experience and previous cross-cultural experience preferred, particularly in a social service or educational setting
  • Spanish fluency preferred

Specialized Skills

  • Ability to work with clients and staff of diverse nationalities, religions, languages, and cultures
  • Passion for serving limited-English-proficient clients, particularly youth and young adults, and helping them obtain needed services
  • Strong presentation, oral and written communication skills
  • Self-motivated; ability to develop and implement new and innovative projects
  • Organized and detail-oriented; capacity to provide clear documentation of services
  • Team-orientation; ability to work in coordination and close collaboration with KRM staff
  • Strong outreach skills; ability to network with higher / continuing education providers
  • Patience and strong commitment to client care, while at the same time adhering to agency mission of promoting client self-sufficiency
  • Working knowledge of higher and continuing educational systems preferred

Work Arrangements and Location

  • KRM staff are currently required to work at least three-days a week, or 60% of scheduled hours, in-person, either in the office or the field. Remaining hours can be worked remotely. Immediate time-sensitive service requirements may require more than 60% in-office or in-person work. With further decreases in COVID-19 infection rates, more in-office and in-person services may be required on a regular basis.
  • All KRM staff must provide proof of vaccination against COVID-19.


As part of the Family and Youth Services staff, the Rise Up Educational Access Coordinator will provide educational case management services and implement college and career readiness and other out-of-school-time…

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19 de maio de 2023
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Até USD $20,00 / hora
Non-exempt position, 40 hours per week


Medical, dental, vision and life insurance; paid vacation, holidays, sick and personal days; employee assistance program (EAP); 401(k) retirement plan after one year of service. 

Medical, dental, vision and life insurance; paid vacation, holidays, sick and personal days; employee assistance program (EAP); 401(k) retirement plan after one year of service. 

Nível de Proficiência do Idioma

Spanish fluency preferred

Spanish fluency preferred


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O trabalho pode ser executado em ou perto de Louisville, KY

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To Apply

Interested applicants should reply with a résumé and cover letter by Friday, May 19, 2023, to:

Adrienne Eisenmenger

Family & Youth Services Manager/ Program Leader

Kentucky Refugee Ministries

969-B Cherokee Road

Louisville, KY 40204


Those who have previously applied for a position at KRM are eligible to reapply. Onlyapplicants selected for an interview will be contacted.

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