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Program Associate

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Tipo de Emprego:Tempo Integral
Compensação:USD $26,05 - $28,13 / hora
equivalent to $50,810 - $54,871 annually


 At Summer Search, we believe in 'No Ceilings' and envision a world in which young people, regardless of circumstances, can chart their own destiny. In the United States, students from underserved communities – disproportionately BIPOC and first-generation – face systemic inequities in school, in the workforce, and in life. Nevertheless, these young people possess unique strengths, resilience, and limitless potential.   


Since 1990, Summer Search has partnered with young people during their transition from adolescence into adulthood by connecting them to expansive opportunities, professional mentoring, and a community of support.  Summer Searchers recognize their potential and build a toolkit to navigate and challenge systemic barriers, break new ground for their families and communities, and achieve economic equity and a life of purpose.  



Summer Search Seattle is seeking a Program Associate to manage a caseload of approximately 36, building long-term relationships and providing regular mentoring through a combination of groups and individual conversations from sophomore year through senior year of high school. Joining a supportive program team that currently serves participants across five regions across the country, this hire will have the opportunity to practice Summer Search’s unique approach to mentoring, prepare students for two challenging summer experiences, support post-secondary readiness and matriculation, and join a team that is committed to learning, social and racial equity, and the students we serve.   


Specifically, the Program Associate will advance Summer Search’s mission through the following job responsibilities:    


Student Mentoring and Program Facilitation    

1:1 Mentoring  

  • Mentor a caseload of approximately 36, building multi-year relationships and conducting regular mentoring at school, in the office or by phone.   
  • Utilize a unique mentoring methodology based upon adolescent social-emotional development, cultural relevance, and critical consciousness. Enable conversations that allow students to reflect upon the impact of identities and social/cultural context on their lives.   
  • Hold students accountable to year-round program participation, as well as demonstrating a personal commitment to students that result in a high level of engagement throughout their Summer Search experience.   
  • Collaborate with supervisor to reflect on interactions with individual students, their engagement, and their motivations to identify new approaches to try for increased engagement and stronger mentoring.   
  • Monitor and promote students’ academic and extracurricular participation and performance, as well as post-secondary readiness requirements.   
  • Participate in student recruitment, interviewing and enrollment, as well as planning and attending key milestone events for students and their families throughout the school year, including travel to schools within the region and some evening and weekend events, especially in the spring.   
  • Participate in regular and ongoing trainings to build job-related skills, knowledge, and capacity e.g. student safety, critical mentoring, social responsibility.   
  • Communicate with students’ families, especially regarding details about summer experiences.   

Group Mentoring   

  • Before each session, prepare by reviewing curriculum, gathering materials and sending student reminders.     
  • During each session, guide group formation by helping students establish and honor co-created working agreements.    
  • Participate in monthly group mentoring supervisions and lend your voice to curriculum development.   
  • Create a safe space where students can be honest with each other by consistently noticing when students are or are not operating in accordance with their own group norms, ensuring each student has the space to be heard and challenged respectfully and setting-up physical space that is conducive to achieving the objectives of each session.     
  • Recognize a student safety situation and know and follow school safety protocols to care for both the individual student and the group.     
  • Prioritize relationship building by connecting with each student individually at least twice during the session and interrupting behaviors the deviate the group through re-focusing and positive discipline.    
  • Observe and respond to group needs and adapt facilitation style accordingly. Occasionally, this may involve modifying the curriculum or session structure to be responsive to the needs of the group.    
  • Be able to recognize identity and power dynamics present in the group, including one’s own identity, and be able to name how it may have an impact on the group.    


School Engagement and Relationship Building 

  • With School and Community Engagement staff’s guidance, lead outreach presentations and application workshops for prospective students.   
  • With School and Community Engagement staff, establish and nurture relationships with staff partners at your partner high school(s).   
  • Know the resources and people available at your partner high school(s) and how these resources intersect with Summer Search, so you can connect your students with them as needed.    
  • With School and Community Engagement staff, engage school partners proactively in supporting students and coordinating logistics.    
  • Respond promptly and thoughtfully to requests from school partners, expressing gratitude where relevant.    


Administration and Project Management    

  • Enter and track program data accurately and daily in Salesforce database to assess student progress and drive organizational learning, to ensure high levels of program quality and professional development.   
  • Perform duties that support student engagement in program elements, including summer experience and post-secondary workshops and preparation.   
  • Provide curriculum feedback to inform iterative curriculum development.   
  • Participate in regular meetings with direct supervisor and fellow mentors to share experiences, problem solve collaboratively, support and learn and build self-awareness of own mentoring.   
  • Participate in elements of an evaluation plan designed to assess program quality, fidelity and outcomes and to inform individual staff development and continuous improvement of program model (e.g. Complete feedback surveys after mentoring sessions)   
  • Participate in other projects as assigned.   



Program Associates exemplify curiosity, empathy, teamwork, flexibility, critical consciousness, and a commitment to learning. Specifically, strong candidates will bring: Required experience/ knowledge here  

  • EXPERIENCE: At least 2 years of professional experience working with student populations served by Summer Search (e.g. low-income families, students of color, black and indigenous students, LGBTQIA+, English Language Learners, and diverse religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds). Group facilitation experience strongly desired. Academic or applied knowledge of adolescent development and/or training in restorative/transformative justice work is a plus. 
  • DEPTH MENTORING: You understand and create an environment where all people feel safe enough to explore, discuss, question, and reflect on past, current or future experiences in one-on-one or large group discussions.     
  • ACCOUNTABILITY: You hold yourself and others responsible for processes, decisions, actions, and commitments to results to drive high quality outcomes. You're responsive to the needs of stakeholders and follow through on commitments.  
  • TEAMWORK: You value many voices, are comfortable creating space for dialogue and handle interpersonal issues constructively. You inspire and foster commitment, connection, enthusiasm, and trust and motivate others to achieve common goals.  
  • CRITICAL CONCIOUSNESS: You understand the root causes of societal discrimination and injustices and are self-reflective about your own privilege and positional power. You apply critical thinking and act toward liberatory and inclusive practices.    
  • TECHNOLOGY SKILLS: Proficiency in meticulous data tracking and management; experience using Salesforce, or a similar database is a plus.  
  • LANGUAGE SKILLS: Spanish and/or Vietnamese language skills are a plus.   



Program Associates will engage with students in schools multiple days a week, with the flexibility to complete other tasks from home. Regular work hours are Monday to Friday, 10 am to 6 pm, with occasional weekend and evening special events. There may also be periodic requirements to visit the office in Tukwila for training sessions or team-building activities. 



This is a non-exempt position with a starting pay rate of $26.05 - $28.13 per hour equivalent to $50,810 - $54,871 annually. Summer Search is committed to transparent, equitable compensation practices. Salaries are benchmarked using current market data and salary bands are created to demonstrate the growth potential within the band. Typically, offers are made at the starting place of the salary band. The Hiring Manager partners with the Talent Team to ensure offers are appropriate, competitive and maintain internal equity.  


Well-being, flexibility, and ongoing learning and development are pillars of our culture. We value our staff and are committed to creating an environment where every individual feels seen, heard and valued. Investments in our staff include:     

  • Medical insurance with up to 90% employer contribution    
  • Dental, vision, FSA, life and disability insurance plans    
  • 401 (K) and Employer Match up to $2,000 annually    
  • Generous time off including 15 vacation days, 10 sick days, and 18 holidays (2 floating holidays of your choice, a birthday day-off, 10 company-wide holidays, and a 1-week December closure). Plus, Re-Fresh Friday’s - a paid half day off the first Friday of every month!   
  • A comprehensive Employee Recognition Program (years of service awards, spot awards, and professional development funding).  
  • A four-week paid sabbatical after five years of continuous employment.      
  • Individual, local, regional and national training    
  • A commitment to developing leaders from within the organization.    
  • An organizational culture that supports staff well-being and holistic self-care/community care    
  • Ample opportunities to connect with the students and communities we serve.   



With a staff that cares deeply about social justice and racial justice, we believe that diverse perspectives and backgrounds create a rich work environment and enhance our ability to pursue our mission. We are committed to building an organization with raised consciousness in order to impact how we work with students, as well as how we work together as a team. We hope you will join us as we continue to build a justice-centered organization that fosters a work environment where people from all backgrounds are welcomed and valued.   



Click HERE to submit a resume and targeted cover letter, addressed to Duron Jones, High School Program Manager, that answers the question, “Why are you interested in the Program Associate role at Summer Search?”  




 At Summer Search, we believe in 'No Ceilings' and envision a world in which young people, regardless of circumstances, can chart their own destiny. In the United States, students from underserved communities – disproportionately BIPOC and…


O trabalho pode ser executado em ou perto de Seattle, WA
Seattle, WA, USA

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