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Social Practice is a specialized form of therapy that uses a community-based approach of assisting individuals in their mental health recovery to:

  • Learn new skills, 
  • Hone their talents
  • Build dignity
  • Develop a sense of belonging, and
  • Make progress towards their goals

The Mental Health Social Practitioner (MHSP) is responsible for making sure the elements of social practice, as described above, are carried out to benefit members. In addition, the Employment MHSP role will support related employment-specific goals, while adhering to the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs. 

Fountain House practices the International Standards for Clubhouse Programs – a Clubhouse is a place that offers respect and an opportunity to its members – as the definition for the Clubhouse Model of Rehabilitation and agreed upon by the worldwide Clubhouse community. The principles expressed in these Standards are at the heart of the Clubhouse community’s success in helping people with mental illness stay out of hospitals while achieving social, financial, educational, and vocational goals. The Standards also serve as a “bill of rights” for members and a code of ethics for staff, board, and administrators. 


Member Support & Advocacy

  • Have a working knowledge of all of Fountain House’s employment opportunities (transitional employment, supported employment, independent employment, careers) and be able to connect members with the appropriate contact(s) for each potential path
  • Act as a liaison between the units of Fountain House and the ERC to create employment plans that utilize the work of the units to support members in their employment goals
  • Utilize the community to design positive interventions to deal with common barriers to employment such as social isolation, poor self-esteem, anxiety, symptom management, and poverty
  • Develop relationships with Fountain House members and the community that can be leveraged to provide support for positive change and risk-taking, combat social isolation and increase meaningful connections, and introduce members to new opportunities 
  • Engineer various environments and social interactions to create therapeutic results that will support members in achieving their employment goals
  • Provide daily advocacy and engagement with Clubhouse members to help gain self-worth, purpose of confidence, while offering guidance for appropriate problem-solving techniques
  • Assist members with entitlements and benefits as necessary; food stamps, SSI/SSDI, Medicaid/Medicare and ticket to Work/ACE/Access VR, Supplemental Need Trusts, & ADA accommodations
  • Advocate for members well-being, safety, and livelihood with supports around clinical, legal, housing, appointments, medications, and independent living opportunities
  • Complete all documentation including but not limited to progress notes and reach out documentation on time

Fountain House + Body

  • Serve as a job coach at Fountain House + Body, a Fountain House run social enterprise, 2-3 days per week
  • Use social practice to create a therapeutic work environment for members working at the store
  • Observe and assess experiences with members at work in order to create specific interventions for individuals’ rehabilitation
  • Work with the ERC and social practitioners to staff the store with members who will gain the most rehabilitation from the job
  • Work with individual members to further their employment goals by uncovering difficulties that they may have and helping them to work through these obstacles
  • Coordinating with other ERC staff to offboard members when necessary. Conflict resolution for member issues on the job will also be done in collaboration with the ERC


  • Maintain compliance with all government agency requirements, company policies and procedures
  • Work some holidays including Thanksgiving, some weekend and evening hours
  • Maintain confidentiality of records relating to members’ progress
  • Perform related duties as assigned by supervisor


  • Undergraduate degree or an equivalent combination of training and experience required
  • Graduate degree or equivalent preferred
  • 1-3+ years’ experience working with individuals with serious mental illness and or/hands on experience working in a community setting preferred
  • 1-2 years coaching and counseling experience preferred
  • 1-2 years of vocational rehabilitation, training or employment specialist experience preferred
  • Ability to effectively manage and handle member concerns and behaviors
  • Proven experience with mental health crisis management by supporting and counseling members under emotional distress


  • Ability to perform the essential job functions consistent safely and successfully with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state, and local standards, including meeting qualitative and/or quantitative productivity standards. 
  • Ability to maintain regular, punctual attendance consistent with the ADA, FMLA and other federal, state, and local standards.


Social Practice is a specialized form of therapy that uses a community-based approach of assisting individuals in their mental health recovery to:

  • Learn new skills, 
  • Hone their talents
  • Build dignity
  • Develop a sense of…

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Excellent Benefit Options and Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)!

Excellent Benefit Options and Generous Paid Time Off (PTO)!


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