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Regional Organizing Manager

Presencial, O trabalho pode ser executado em ou perto de New York, NY


Tipo de Emprego:Tempo Integral
Tipo de Emprego:Temporário / PJ / Freelance
Data de término:30 de novembro de 2024
Nível de Experiência:Gerencial
Compensação:USD $5.000 / mês



New Yorkers for Equal Rights is a Ballot Initiative Committee comprised of civil rights, gender justice, reproductive rights, and immigrant rights organizations advocating for the passage of the New York Equal Rights Amendment.

The New York Equal Rights Amendment is an amendment to New York’s State Constitution that adds explicit protections for people who experience discrimination. At a moment in time when we are seeing governments and courts peel back basic protections, this proposal embeds explicit protections within our state constitution. 

Adding to existing enumerated protections against discrimination based on race and religion, this amendment would explicitly prohibit discrimination based on a person’s ethnicity, national origin, age, disability, and sex—including their sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes, reproductive health care and autonomy. This Amendment ensures that New York secures the strongest protections for all of our communities.

The New York Equal Rights Amendment will appear on voters’ ballots in New York State in November 2024. More information about NYER can be found at or on social media platforms at @NYEqualRights.


The Regional Organizing Director (ROD) is an essential member of the New Yorkers for Equal Rights (NYER) organizing team. They report directly to the NYER Organizing Director. They serve as the main point of contract for local organizations, volunteers, community groups, and other key stakeholders in their region.

The Regional Organizing Director will be responsible for managing and executing the statewide organizing plan for their region. On a day to day basis, the Regional Organizing Director should expect to:

  • Recruit, Train, and orient new volunteers to build their skills and knowledge to speak with confidence about the New York Equal Rights Amendment with people in their communities; 
  • Stand up regular organizing events such as phonebanks, canvasses and visibility events aligned with the campaign’s path to victory; 
  • Speak before a range of audiences - community leaders, membership organizations and volunteers - to energize support for the New York Equal Rights Amendment, inspiring people to join our fight; 
  • Coordinate across a wide range of regional organizational partners to meet their needs to communicate with their constituencies about the New York Equal Rights Amendment; 
  • Meet or exceed metric based goals on volunteer recruitment, retention, and voter contact;


In seeking a qualified Regional Organizing Director, NYER seeks an individual for this role who demonstrates the following:

  • A commitment to equity and inclusion: Applicants should have a history of uplifting the leadership and addressing the needs of historically underrepresented communities across New York State and meeting diverse voters where they are;
  • Experience supporting organizing programs for political candidate or ballot measure campaigns: Applicants should have at least one cycle of  campaign field organizer experience; 
  • Ability to drive direct voter contact through grassroots and grasstops engagement: Applicants should have experience organizing and launching direct voter contact programs (phonebanks,canvassing shifts, texting banking and postcarding programs etc.); Applicants should be proficient in VoteBuilder (VAN), tracking vote to goal (VTG) numbers, and cultivating consistent volunteer relationships;
  • Excellent communication skills for online and in-person engagement, volunteer management, and organizing actions;


The rate of pay for The Regional Organizing Manager will be $5,000.00/month through November 30, 2024.


New Yorkers for Equal Rights is hiring Regional Organizing Managers in New York City, Long Island, the Hudson Valley, Western New York and the Capital Region. The person in this role is expected to be based in the geographic area of their region and will be expected to travel within the region frequently. 


Please fill out the application form here. In your submission be sure to include a resume, cover letter, and three references. 

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 


New Yorkers for Equal Rights is a Ballot Initiative Committee comprised of civil rights, gender justice, reproductive rights, and immigrant rights organizations advocating for the passage of the New York Equal Rights Amendment…


New York, NY, USA

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