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Commonwealth Corps Service Internship Program: The Possible Zone - Entrepreneurship Program Co-Teacher

O trabalho pode ser executado em ou perto de Boston, MA
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Resumo dos Detalhes

Data de Início
19 de agosto de 2024
Data de término
21 de junho de 2025
Tipo de Pagamento
Salário / Remuneração
Up to $26,250 + Health Insurance + Rental Stipend + $4,000 Completion Award
Horas Por Semana
40 hours / week


The mission of the Commonwealth Corps service internship program is to engage Massachusetts residents of all ages, backgrounds, and identities in direct service to strengthen communities, address critical needs, and increase volunteerism. Through hands-on experience, Commonwealth Corps members gain professional skills and valuable knowledge while positively impacting diverse communities in our state.  

The Massachusetts Service Alliance (MSA) is a private, nonprofit agency that oversees the program and supports host site partners and members to find success throughout the program year. The three (3) Commonwealth Corps members with The Possible Zone will serve 10 months in a full-time capacity. They will join a diverse corps of members across Massachusetts who share a common desire to discover their passion and build their network in service to their communities and the Commonwealth.

Each Commonwealth Corps member at TPZ will work directly with TPZ students and full-time educators as a “Co-Teacher” - a second adult in the classroom who will help customize and differentiate instruction and support individual students and student teams as they progress through TPZ’s project-based curriculum.  Each Commonwealth Corps member at TPZ will co-teach six classes per week (2 classes two days per week, and one class two days per week), supporting students social-emotional development, as well as the development of career-related skills.  Throughout their 10-month term of service, each Commonwealth Corps member will receive professional development related to youth development, education, trauma-informed practices, and other key areas of knowledge that will help each member during their term of service and throughout their career. Approximately 75%-80% of each TPZ Commonwealth Corps member’s time will be focused on co-teaching, related preparation and co-planning, and professional development.  In addition, each Commonwealth Corps member at TPZ will spend 20%-25% of their time on a “capstone” capacity building project, which will strengthen TPZ and its program while also helping each Commonwealth Corps member develop lasting knowledge and skills.  Members will also spend time each week on Massachusetts Service Alliance-related activities, which will also be part of their 40 hours of service weekly.

Please see the full job description on our website.

Who You Are:

You must be:

  • A current Massachusetts resident with legal authorization to work in the U.S.
  • 18 years of age at minimum (member age range is 18 – 70+ years old)
  • Excited to give back to your community and interested in developing your skills and gaining new professional experiences
  • Able to balance service internship commitments with personal commitments in a sustainable way
  • Experienced working with young people, either in a volunteer or paid capacity
  • Someone with a passion for equity, education, youth development, or nonprofit management, ideally with an interest in exploring a career in these areas
  • Someone who believes in the power of young people to shape their own futures

It would also be great if you:

  • Are an alumnus of TPZ or a similar program
  • Have experience in one or more of the areas listed above as “capstone” projects
  • Have studied and/or worked in science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM)
  • Have experience and/or an interest in a career in teaching/education
  • Speak a language other than English -- multi-lingual candidates encouraged to apply 

What You’ll Get:

  • Stipend of $1,250 semi-monthly while in service - up to $26,250 for the full term of service, minus taxes and withholdings
  • Health insurance (individual coverage only) 
  • A $500.00 per month rental stipend throughout your term of service, if you are a tenant on a lease or sublease
  • An MBTA pass throughout your term of service
  • Member assistance program, including unlimited, confidential, 24/7, phone counseling services and up to three free, in-person counseling sessions, plus a lot more
  • Completion award of up to $4,000 upon successful completion of service, minus taxes and withholdings
  • Reimbursement for outside training or professional development opportunities relevant to member’s service and/or goals (Up to $100; Dependent on approval from MSA)
  • Extensive training from MSA with a diversity, equity and inclusion focus and other professional development opportunities
  • Limited reimbursement for travel to Corps-wide MSA-sponsored activities
  • Internet reimbursement up to $50/month while required to complete some service from home if required by site
  • Limited travel reimbursement from their host site for certain service-related travel away from their usual service location, according to that agency's policies
  • Mental Health/Personal Day once per month counting towards 8hrs 
  • Planned absences and time off at the discretion of the host site, TPZ.  Time off does not count toward total hour completion.
  • TPZ closed during Winter Holiday Break, 12/25/24 - 1/1/25 (does not count toward planned hours requirement)

The mission of the Commonwealth Corps service internship program is to engage Massachusetts residents of all ages, backgrounds, and identities in direct service to strengthen communities, address critical needs, and increase…


O trabalho pode ser executado em ou perto de Boston, MA
31 Heath St, Boston, MA 02130, USA

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