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Vision Statement: "Let the children come to me for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (MK 10:14) We are people who stand before the silence and faith of the Holy Mothers, who ponder life as a "gift of the Spirit." Aware of their prayers, hopes and laughter, we join in solidarity with children's dreams to grow in age, wisdom and grace before God and humanity. We promise our inheritance to be Hope, Hope for the Children of the World.

Who We Are:

Hope Worldwide-Pakistan is a Humanatarian Organization for Poverty Eradication based in Pakistan working for the Empowerment of Children,Women.We commit to the call of our faith, to live the challenge of love, and to give witness to the inheritance of hope promised to all God’s children. We believe in the pursuit of life for all people to promote total human development. Hope Worldwide-Pakistan is not-for-profit charitable organization.

We Strive To Become:

An Organizational partnership with those who have heard the call of service to the needy and the poor Community. To prmote a channel between people to share themselves and their resources, and a means to receive blessings of hope in the name of Hope Worldwide-Pakistan. A part of the journey towards solidarity with the poor,deserving and the needy in the rural communities.

What We Do:

We provide Economically,Socially and Morally and financial assistance, and develop activities to educate the public of the plight of the poor from Urban and Rural areas of Pakistan. We launch systematic fund raising activities to finance sponsorship of malnourished Women, children, indigent families, rural communities, and innovative programs designed to uplift the Health, Educational, Economic and Spiritual lives of the poor andnedy community.

Managerial Synopsis:

Hope Worldwide-Pakistan is an international and not for profit Humanitarian Organization for Poverty Eradication -HOPE).As from the first name HOPE the integral and teadfast group felt necessitate to build up an organization for the upgrading of the dispossessed and mistreated communities and bestow them a HOPE for their dazzling potential and to scamper their life generally. Hope Worldwide-Pakistan registered with the Government of Pakistan under Societies Registration Act 21 of 1860.Hope Worldwide-Pakistan Non overnmental organization was shaped to advance communal synchronization at masses communities and encouragement of non interventionist ideas in the civilization.An assemblage of district volunteers affianced in development activities from different organizations / civil society groups were invited to stick together with the organization. They whispered that adolescent people can uphold harmonization very successfully among the proletariat community. Hope Worldwide Pakistan built-in the development schema of the people (community) specifically Women and Children development in the organization and in progress its physical exertion with obligation and enthusiasm. Hope Worldwide Pakistan is unswerving to smooth the progress of the magnification work in the intention communities and intends to make influential communities in particular Children, Women and Adolescence to participate their energetic responsibility for the upgrading of their superiority of existence. We resolutely consider that if the communities are empowered they can transport about an innovative improvement revolutionize in their lives and civilization. We also visualize about, participation of community is authentic improvement and grassroots power. As a result, there is necessitating to focal point on the apparatus of participation, corroboration and administration for the collective development of the civilization. Hope Worldwide-Pakistan is Trustworthy, Enthusiastic, Indomitable and Vigorous to stimulate such an ambiance, which facilitates for participatory human being, community and national development. We moreover accept as true in investing on people to put together their capacities. Consequently, it provides opportunities of faculty structure and preparation for the community. It also strengthens the network at all level and develops an instrument for their self-reliance and augmentation to efficiently follow the organization’s development program.

Aims & Objectives

 To create analytical consciousness about the dynamics of existing socio economics structures among the disadvantaged stratum of society.

 Community Development through integrated approach and Develop sustainable & compatible development system for community Empowerment through grassroots organizations.

 To work for the economic and social uplift of the underprivileged and neglected communities.

 To train and involve Women, Youth and Children in the development work to have maximum local and appropriate leadership.

 To guide support and encourage youth to work for their development to tackle unemployment, drug addiction and HIV/AIDS and to establish a platform for their own development.

 To make the plans for the Empowerment of Women, Youth and Children at the development issues.

 To discover and make available the employment in the middle of unemployed Young people for the Youth Empowerment.

 To encourage women to ensure their full and equal participation in economic and social activities.

 To work for and uplift the disabled persons in the society and provide them assistance to stand at their own feet.

 To raise social awareness in the poor communities for social action for their own development.

 To promote social harmony through interfaith dialogue and interfaith relationship.

 To remain vigilant to work for the relief and rehabilitation work during emergency situations caused by natural or man made disasters.

 To implement procedure to diminish the contamination and generate consciousness to the community by assembling seminars and workshops.

 To conduct research and involve in development work in the field of Social Studies, Social Issues, Health, Education Water, Sanitation and other related fields of human development.

 To organize programs and provide information on strategies for achievement of social and economic development goals through participatory and sustainable development activities in the areas of Health, Education, Water and Sanitation.

 To aware people of their human rights and to give them social awareness through Social Education.

 Provide Educational and Vocational training towards the top meager and disadvantaged population (Women & Children) for the brilliant opportunity.

 To conduct, carryout, supervise or support research, participatory or otherwise, in the field of development, social / human welfare and other related fields.

 To organize & strengthen women to ensure their participation in the Development process.

 To capacitate the women and provide opportunities for economic empowerment.

 To enhance Women’s Role through providing them Educational, Vocational and specific sector training including the disabled Women.

 To aware and sensitize stakeholders for achieving desirable conditions to women’s empowerment.

 To provide advisory services and training in gender equality, women in development and poverty alleviation.

 To print and publish any periodicals books, or leaflets in furtherance of objects of the organization.

 To promote or assist in the promotion of any organization, association or corporation having objects similar to the objects of the organization, and which are calculated either directly or indirectly to benefit the organization in the attainment of any of its objects.

 To collect data, information and other relevant publication, and carry out survey, research project, investigative study, networking to establish a data bank on socio-political issues such as fundamental civil rights, tolerance, structure and function of democracy, women's rights, education policy, preventive health care measures.

 To publish articles, research reports, workshop material, handouts, leaflets, newsletters, pamphlets, bulletin, books, audio or video recording or any other medium of transcribing information on the issues pertaining to aims and activities of organization.

 To make beneficiaries conscious of their civic rights and socio-political issues by promoting disseminating, coordinating and publishing the output processes information through publications, media, or any other means deemed suitable.

 To organize workshop, exhibitions, lectures, meetings, seminars, training courses, exchange programs to further the objectives of organization.

 To enter into any arrangements with any governments and authorities, supreme, municipal, local or otherwise, or any person, company, association or organization, that may seem conducive to the objects of the organization or any of them.

 To obtain from any such government, authority, person or company or any of them, any rights, privileges, charters, contracts, licenses and concessions, which the organization may deem desirable to obtain, and to carry out, exercise and comply therewith.

 To establish networking and supportive relationships with the organizations and agencies having similar objectives for joint ventures and programs.

 To accept grants from any governments, agencies, authorities, public bodies, corporations, companies or any person in form of money/cash, moveable and immoveable property, to take the same either unconditionally, or subject to any special condition which may be prescribed by donor in writing. Activities Agenda of the Hope Worldwide-Pakistan

Hope Worldwide Pakistan is unswerving to smooth the progress of the magnification work in the intention communities and intends to make influential communities in particular Children, Women and Adolescence to participate their energetic esponsibility for the upgrading of their superiority of existence. With gratification and satisfaction we proclaim about the programs of the Hope Worldwide-Pakistan among the top meager and deserving communities in the different parts of the Pakistan. Hope Worldwide-Pakistan is full of activities to get better opportunity for its on going functions.

•Women Empowerment •HOPE Education Program •HOPE For Health •Youth Diagram •Human Rights •ICT & HOPE •Poverty Alleviation •Peace & Disarmament •Sustainable Development •Eventuality Shore Up •Emergency relief •Disaster Reduction Programs

Membership with the International Organization

1. World Peace Prayer Society-USA

2. National Forum for Peace Reconciliation- Sierra Leone

3. AREGAK Charitable NGO-Armenia

4. Development Gateway Foundation, Inc-United States

5. Planet Foundation –Hungary

6. Kruger Foundation-South Africa

7. Young General Assembly –USA

8. Women’s World Summit Foundation-Geneva

9. Redeemed Charity for God’s Children-South Africa

10. International Water History Association-Sweden

11. Rehabilitation International Congress-Norway

12. Young Influencers-India

13. South Asian Youth Environment Network

14. Asian Disasters Reduction Network

15. Child Rights Information Network UK

Women Education

Human Rights to Education Every woman, man, youth and child has the human right to education, training and information, and to other fundamental human rights reliant upon realization of the human right to education. Equality of access to all levels of education is crucial to empowering women and girls to participate in economic, social and political life of their societies. Education unlocks a woman1s potential, and is accompanied by improvements in health, nutrition, and well-being of women and their families. Despite widespread agreement that all people have the fundamental human right to education, 100 million children, at least 60% of them girls, do not have access to primary education. 960 million adults in the world are illiterate, and more than two-thirds of them are women. Women and girls continue to face discrimination at all levels of education, a fact which poses tremendous obstacles to their advancement on and well-being of women and their families. The human right of all persons to education is explicitly set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Covenants, the Convention on the Rights of the Child and other widely adhered to international human rights treaties and Declarations -- powerful tools that must be put to use in realizing the human right to education for all! The human right to education entitles every woman, man, youth and child.The human right to free and compulsory elementary education and to readily available forms of secondary and higher education. The human right to freedom from discrimination in all areas and levels of education, and to equal access to continuing education and vocational training. The human right to information about health, nutrition, reproduction and family planning. The human right to education is inextricably linked to other fundamental human rights -- rights that are universal, indivisible, interconnected and interdependent including: The human right to equality between men and women and to equal partnership in the family and society. The human right to work and receive wages that contribute to an adequate standard of living. The human right to freedom of thought, conscience, religion and belief. The human right to an adequate standard of living. Realization of these human rights depends on eliminating gender-based stereotypes in education which deny women opportunities for full and equal partnership. The human right to participate in shaping decisions and policies affecting one's community, at the local, national and international levels.

Disaster Reduction/Response Activities

Emergency health Camps Response & Recovery - Volunteerism for Community Development and Capacity Development Program Medical health infrastructure; Disaster Reduction - Community Based Disaster Risk Education/Training Disaster Risk Management Awareness through focus group discussion, training Workshops Seminars Disaster Risk Reduction through promotion of disaster preparedness at family and community level, Promotion of good governance Community risk assessment, Advocacy and lobbying

Vision Statement: "Let the children come to me for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." (MK 10:14) We are people who stand before the silence and faith of the Holy Mothers, who ponder life as a "gift of the Spirit." Aware of their prayers, hopes…

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  • Meio Ambiente e Sustentabilidade
  • Saúde & Medicina
  • Emprego & Capacidade Laboral
  • Mulheres


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