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Active Board Member

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Logo de Students for Change Foundation Inc.

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Active Board Member

For a PDF version of this description, click here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Students for Change! Your interest in our organization, support, and consideration to join our board are greatly appreciated. 

General Role:

Board members are legally and ethically responsible for the operation of the organization. They govern, advise, and oversee policy and direction, and assist with leadership. They are solely responsible for the organization’s Human Resources, Planning, Finance, Community Relations, and Organizational Operations. They provide governance to the organization and represent and promote it to the community while promoting a positive and productive work environment for the staff.

As Students for Change is a start-up nonprofit, current board members will play a critical role in helping establish the foundations and procedures of the organization. Meetings are held monthly, and each member is expected to put in a few hours of outside work each month.

Qualifications and Personal Characteristics:

Possess: honesty, compassion, community-building/leadership skills, and a demonstrated interest and belief in the mission, vision, values, and goals of Students for Change

Ability to: listen, think creatively, work well independently and in a diverse group, and promote the organization’s values:

  • Active Citizenship: Practice advocacy and political freedoms
  • Diverse Perspectives: Providing equitable and inclusive programs and spaces
  • Scientific & Historical Integrity: Using fact-based information in decision making    
  • Respectful Communication: Recognize the diverse perspectives of others when recommending new ideas
  • Sustainable Solutions: Pursue resolutions that create positive effective change for the long-run 

Willingness to:

  • Learn about a variety of causes the organization aims to support
  • Prepare for and attend board and committee meetings, ask questions, and complete given assignment(s)
  • Contribute personal and financial resources according to individual circumstances
  • Expand the organization’s reach by networking and making meaningful connections    

Develop, improve, and utilize skills, such as:

  • Cultivating donors and soliciting funds
  • Cultivating and recruiting board members and other volunteers
  • Understanding of financial statements

Ideally has experience in one of the following areas; Human Resources, Event/Project Management, Finance, Community Relations, Organizational Operations and/or Education

Duties and Responsibilities

General Leadership

  • Ensure Students for Change is achieving goals, pursuing its values, and fulfilling its mission and vision
  • Utilizes personal skills and contacts for the betterment of Students for Change
  • Actively and positively represents Students for Change throughout the community, promoting
  • involvement in events and activities, and enhancing its reputation and public standing
  • Follows all policies and procedures and pursues other duties as necessary

Establishing the Organization

  • Monitors and strengthens Students for Change’s programs and service strategy
  • Participates in strategic planning and evaluation measures of Students for Change
  • Establishes operating policies for Students for Change
  • Keeps up-to-date on developments in the service area of Students for Change and the changing chapter needs  

Board Meetings

  • Attend at least 75% of board member meetings
  • Prepare for board meetings by completing any outside work, reviewing any organizational reports, and providing questions, feedback, and new ideas
  • Actively participates in board development, recommends nominees to the board, assesses board composition
  • Commits to working on at least one committee and/or special event
  • Completes assignments in a timely and satisfactory manner

Financial Responsibilities

  • Participates in resource development and budgeting, as well as of the organization, and ensures resources are utilized in an acceptable manner
  • Develops annual budget and is fiscally and legally responsible for Students for Change and maintains Students for Change accountability and ethical integrity of Students for Change
  • Makes a personal financial contribution to Students for Change

Legal Obligations

  • Ensures Students for Change obtains legal compliance for both the state, federal government, and potential funding sources
  • Stays engaged and aware of mission-related issues
  • Demonstrates loyalty to organization’s interests and holds information with confidence; signs confidentiality and conflict of interest documentation
  • Serves as Executive Director’s oversight
  • Pursues lawful acts in accordance with mission 

For a PDF version of this description, click here.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Students for Change! Your interest in our organization, support, and consideration to join our board are greatly appreciated. 

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5 de junho de 2023
00:00 GMT-4
04:00 UTC
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O trabalho pode ser executado em qualquer lugar de Estados Unidos
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3200 Port Royale Dr N, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, USA

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