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The main

focus of Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry LTD (BSHM) is to provide opportunities for orphans ,children in need , youths and women and our local communities. All year round we organize activities, workshops, training programs and skill training for and by our community.

We do want

to offer the opportunity to international volunteers to experience these activities first hand and to volunteer at our projects in Uganda. As a volunteer in Uganda you will be on the front row and you will be able to experience true Ugandan life.

From Monday to Friday your days are full of engaging with the community. In the morning you will attend activities, workshops and teaching where as in the afternoon you will be engaged in other cultural events.

During the weekend you get the chance to experience the beauty of Uganda, travel around across the country, go for safaris (at your own expenses), and explore the culture.

Every single thing that you with BSHM benefits the community 100%. Your stay, all activities

you attend, everything you consume is provided for and by the local community.

Can you imagine the impact you have on the Ugandan people! From the minute volunteers get off the plane at Entebbe International Airport, they are welcomed into the BSHM community development family. Our trusted drivers, who are all members of our local drivers’ community, will pick you up and bring you JINJA District, our base of operations.

No matter the time you arrive, you will be welcomed by our volunteer coordinator Muyaaka

Arron and the director of Buwenge shared hope ministry  upon arrival. After a long journey you will be arriving in a warm comfortable environment where we have set everything up for you.

We provide an extensive three-day orientation where we will guide you around the community, explain all activities to you, introduce you to our local team, the community members and your co-volunteers. You will receive a detailed training about the Ugandan culture, do’s and don’ts and we will show you around the village.The volunteer orientation means that you don’t need to stress about planning your first few days in Uganda, we have it all sorted for you! It is important to us that those giving their time have an enjoyable experience from day one and are aware of the surroundings where they live.During your stay, everything is made easy for you. We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner meal plans (for free). Our local team is available 24/7 in case of emergency and our SunTrack Adventures guides and drivers who will take care of you during your weekends.

Every member of our community is being taken care of while volunteering with us. During your stay, you will be embraced and surrounded by our loving and hardworking community and you will be part of a vibrant, inspiring, safe and empowering environment.

Education, skill training and sharing knowledge is part of every fiber of our organization. Everything we do, every activity that takes place at the offices and field is focused primarily on these concepts.

Volunteering in Uganda with BSHM means you play a big role in increasing knowledge and

education of our local community. Recruits  buwenge shared hope ministry  volunteers for our volunteering program to get involved in locally-run community, conservation, teaching, health care, building and sports projects around Uganda. Volunteers are an integral part of everything that happens at the organization. We couldn’t do it without them!

Depending on the season, we always have a list of much needed services which can be provided by volunteers within our projects around Uganda.

Our Buwenge shared hope ministry Volunteering Program is an immersion program

customized for individual travelers, students, professionals, families, groups,

or anyone with the desire to serve in rural villages in Uganda.you are welcome to BUWENGE SHARED HOPE MINISTRY LTD

The main

focus of Buwenge Shared Hope Ministry LTD (BSHM) is to provide opportunities for orphans ,children in need , youths and women and our local communities. All year round we organize activities, workshops, training programs and skill…

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