Goats and Sheep to Prevent Forest Fire Analyst- Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing

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Goats and Sheep to Prevent Forest Fire Analyst- Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing

See here for powerpoint on prevention derivatives (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1blfUgm3KZPJBFz-6qjYK69nDRZGdykd7/view?usp=sharing). Goats and sheep can prevent wildfires.

"Diligent work by a team of 500 goats has helped save the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library from wildfires that are ravaging parts of California.The library deployed the goat squadron during the spring in order to munch their way through around 13 acres of scrubland around the library that could’ve provided tinder-like fuel to a wildfire."


Goats and Sheep to Prevent Forest Fire Analyst- Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoingto provide accurate and data based information on company’s profitability, solvency, stability and liquidity. You will research and analyze financial information to help company make well informed decisions, write reports and monitor financial movements.Forest Fire Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing, Volunteer Financial Analyst

See more detailed background on CrowdDoing's forest fire prevention derivatives


Forest Fire Risk Prevention Derivatives in Northern California

Bobby Fishkin, lead author

In 2018, Sacramento was named the "the Most Polluted City on Earth" due to "smoke from Camp Fire," This proposal aims to prevent that from happening again through adopting a systemic approach and collaborating with stakeholders to actively prevent future such events. The insurance industry, along with institutional chief risk officers, have begun to recognize the importance of moving from "loss compensation to loss prevention."

CrowdDoing and Project Heather propose launching a prevention derivative with two new stakeholders: (a) contingent payers who pay in proportion to the reduction in risk, and (b) impact investors who finance social innovations in which their return is similarly proportional to the reduction in risk. It will build on existing precedents for contingent contracts involving social- innovation-based risk prevention.

Financial Analyst Volunteer, Forest Fire Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing

A spectrum of forest fire risk prevention approaches are available: from creative new social innovations to well-established interventions.The forest fire risk prevention derivative would first survey existing forest fire prevention interventions in Greater Sacramento with an eye towards which ones might be suitable to support and expand. It would then review global social innovations that might be relevant to Northern California to determine which to replicate. Entities involved in risk management and risk securitisation, from insurers to reinsurers to retrocessionaires, ought to welcome the chance to share liability proportionally through a commons of prevention innovations. The prevention derivative can expand as more institutions and individuals join as contingent payers and impact investors in order prevent a larger portion of collective risk. Payments by private and public institutions to support prevention derivatives can be in-kind, through services, and/or financial.

Financial Analyst Volunteer, Forest Fire Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing

Financial Analyst Volunteer, Forest Fire Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing require strategic thinking and are responsible for financial planning, analysis and projection for companies and corporations. The Financial Analyst prepares, reviews and distributes monthly financial reports to stores and cost/profit centers. The ability to effectively communicate complex financial information in a clear, concise way is a key attribute of the Financial Analyst. By conducting analyses of information affecting investment programs, the Financial Analyst will forecast future revenues and expenditures and determine possible profit or loss. Working with the CEO, CFO and other executive-level team members to identify cost structures and determine capital budgeting for projects, the Financial Analyst will set network-wide investment direction and policies.

Financial Analyst Volunteer, Forest Fire Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing Duties and Responsibilities

Analyze financial status by collecting, monitoring, and studying data.

Identify trends in financial performance and provide recommendations for improvement.

Analyze current and past financial data and performance and establish and evaluate profit plans.

Guide cost analysis process by establishing and enforcing policies and procedures.

Prepare reports and projections based on this analysis to provide financial models and forecasts

Evaluate current capital expenditures and depreciation.

Explore potential investment opportunities.

Track expenses and revenues vs. budget and reforecast and analyze fluctuations.

Prepare monthly consolidation and executive financial package.

Prepare and present annual financial information binder to be provided to the external auditors.

Prepare quarterly operating reports and present during quarterly review meetings.

Coordinate with other members of the finance team to review financial information and forecasts.

Financial Analyst Volunteer, Forest Fire Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing Requirements and Qualifications

Master’s degree in finance or a Master’s of Business Administration.

Expert-level analytical and financial modeling skills.

Great presentation skills, and the ability to influence and persuade others.

Knowledge of ERP systems and related technologies.

Excellent time management and organizational ability.

Ability to multitask and consistently meet deadlines.

"To help support you joining the right part of CrowdDoing for you, please use this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSftd6E0tyV2uq7mMty1rZ80BB2MSGhbnof9gRBvaQXbrttIkg/viewform?usp=sf_link"

The only way CrowdDoing.world can realize its impact potential is through virtual volunteers,service learners(http://blog.reframeit.com/service-learning-and-skilled-volunteering/), and micro-leaders (https://real-leaders.com/leveraging-micro-leadership-to-make-aspirational-goals-achievable/) coming together.

See this brief video aboutMicro-leadership at CrowdDoing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhdB2YJ8Ocs&app=desktop). Micro-leadership means that each person adopts a dimension of responsibility for a collective problem in our society through collaborating on that area creatively individually and together through social innovation.

You are also welcome to see more background on CrowdDoing at our Youtube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVoL7fai7oa95fBo44FC0gA?sub_confirmation=1).

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You can see a CrowdDoing Volunteering FAQ here.


Goats and Sheep to Prevent Forest Fire Analyst- Prevention Derivatives, CrowdDoing

See here for powerpoint on prevention derivatives (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1blfUgm3KZPJBFz-6qjYK69nDRZGdykd7/view?usp=sharing). Goats and sheep…

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