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Global Awareness Teacher (Volunteer/Unpaid Opportunity)

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Super 7 Girls
Chicago, IL
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Are you a teacher or student who is fascinated by the impact cross-cultural understandings have on the world and the development of public policy? Are you constantly monitoring different global issues and trying to understand their intersectionality? Are you the friend that is always extolling the benefits of global citizenry and the importance of acknowledging, respecting and understanding cultures for the growth of the nation and the world?  If you answered yes to any of those questions it clearly means that one of your superpowers is global awareness and we are looking for you! In this new role, you would be teaching the girls in our program and, in turn, helping to ensure that all the girls in our program have consistent access to global awareness curriculum.

If you are in Chicago that's great! If not, that's okay too. We are looking for people who are passionate about helping the girls in our program! At Super 7 Girls, you will be working with a collaborative team who all have the same goal of helping as many girls as possible have access to their superpowers so they can change the world. We need new team members who can help us teach the girls in our program so together, we can fulfill the mission of Super 7 Girls. If your interest has been piqued, this may be a wonderful volunteer opportunity for you and it will no doubt be as rewarding as it is impactful.  

Super 7 Girls would not function without the help of volunteers. We are still a young organization and we are still building our organizational capacity. We are working hard to build our organization so that we have the ability to help more girls have superpowers. As we grow, we need people like you - global awareness gurus who can help ensure that we can have an even bigger impact on the girls in our program and the overall community.  We need you. We need your brilliance, your drive, your expertise and your passion. It goes without saying that, your support in this role would help build the foundation we need to reach new programmatic heights. Excited?!? Well, go ahead and join our superpowered revolution already!  

About Super 7 Girls

Super 7 Girls mission is simple - We help girls from under-resourced communities of color have superpowers (you read that right!). Now, when we talk about superpowers we don’t mean that in the metaphysical sense. When we discuss superpowers we are discussing a certain mindset. By helping girls build various skill sets that they need, they will feel emboldened, confident, smarter and…yep, you got it…superpowered. They will know that there is nothing that they are unable to conquer and that no challenge is too great.

So, you must be curious?!? How does one go about giving superpowers? We know that superpowers grow from consistent access to curriculum that focuses on education, health, financial literacy, policy, arts, leadership development, and global engagement and this consistent access helps the girls have a deep understanding of how their increased knowledge means a stronger ability to take on life’s challenges. We also know that their increased knowledge base disrupts the cycle of generational poverty and transforms the life outcomes and trajectories of the girls in our program. In essence, their superpowers enhance their overall well-being and helps them dream new dreams.

As you can see, we have big, hairy, audacious goals and we need bold volunteers to act as role models of this superpower mindset – visionary, courageous, confident, determined and reflective. Our environment is fast paced and dynamic and volunteers are valued highly. With that said, what makes our culture amazing is that everyone is willing to help with any task because we are all working towards the goal of helping these girls be amazing superpowered individuals.

Experience & Education

  • Certified teacher, college student, college graduate, graduate student, or community member passionate about Global Awareness
  • Background in political science, global studies, international relations, foreign affairs, local government, national government, international government or other related fields
  • Demonstrated leadership experience
  • Experience working with kids

Essential Duties, Responsibilities & Requirements


  • Volunteers teach Global Awareness curriculum provided by Super 7 Girls program staff
  • Volunteers would be working with the girls in the 3rd - 12th grade.
  • Volunteers would be teaching in separate classrooms
  • Our curriculum is taught twice a week and our programming is from Monday through Friday
  • More specifically, curriculum is taught during our programming which is from 3:30pm-6:30pm
  • The curriculum lasts about an hour


  • We recognize that everyone does not have prior teaching experience and to help support our volunteers we have a comprehensive volunteer teacher training
  • Typically, our training sessions are 2-days and occur on a monthly basis
  • All volunteers must successfully complete all components of the training session to volunteer with Super 7 Girls

Volunteer Expectations

  • All volunteers are required to teach at least three days a month
  • Volunteers must clock-in for shifts to ensure their monthly teaching goals are met
  • Volunteers must be at least 15-20 minutes early for their class
  • Volunteers must be prepared for their class
  • Volunteers must participate in continuing education classes and any touch base meeting with Volunteer Services
  • Volunteers must attend at least one social event each quarter

Position Specifics

  • This is an unpaid volunteer position 
  • The primary functions of this position can happen remotely or in person at our school site if you are in Chicago
  • A minimum of 3-6 hours are expected a month to successfully complete the tasks associated with this position
  • When you apply, you are agreeing to commit to volunteer for at least 6 -12 months
  • After completing training, you will provide our team with your desired schedule for each month.  Volunteer schedules are released monthly so you will know well in advance what your schedule will be each month. We do have a back up teaching list which helps support any last minute schedule changes.

Additional Notes

  • This position is unpaid

Your support in this role will have an incredible impact on the girls in our program and, as such, we hope that you will join our Superpowered team. We can’t wait hear from you!!

Are you a teacher or student who is fascinated by the impact cross-cultural understandings have on the world and the development of public policy? Are you constantly monitoring different global issues and trying to understand their…

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