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Schoolies Adventure

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Our Generation Voluntary Organisation
Ejisu, Ashanti Region, Gana
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Schoolies Adventure

Organise your 15 days school adventure to Ghana today! Teachers/group leader’s travel free and your 15 days in Ghana will be fully structured, inclusive and led by our experienced team. Your first day will have you arrive in Accra before travelling to Kumasi for your orientation into life in Ghana. You’ll get to make a real impact on rural communities in Ghana by working side-by-side with local villagers to build a house for a deserving family. Expect to get your hands dirty hammering nails, sawing wood, digging holes & entertaining local village kids. You’ll also work on a grassroots outreach project to provide clean water, emergency medical care, sanitation facilities and free education to remote communities. After a few days giving back to the rural communities, it will be time to head north to Mole National Park for a couple days adventure including safari, waterfalls and monkeys.

Your second week will see you continue work on house build & work on a grassroots outreach project to provide clean water, emergency medical care, sanitation facilities and free education to remote communities in Ghana, before finishing with more adventure travel and some R&R in Cape Coast and Oasis beach. Cultural activities will be provided throughout including drumming, dancing & an art class. Everything is included in your 15 day Schoolies Adventure expedition from the airport transfers and meals to accommodation, entrance fees and cultural activities. 


We have put together a sample 15 day itinerary that incorporates the ultimate schoolie expedition in Ghana. For the reason that it provides a perfect blend of volunteering, travelling, adventure and cultural immersion. Moreover, the expedition itinerary is fully structured and inclusive throughout. However, we understand each school has different objectives from an overseas expedition and different criteria to meet. As a result, we can tailor the sample itinerary below into a bespoke itinerary that matches your goals and objectives for an overseas school expedition in Ghana.

In short, we can tailor an expedition around your requirements and work with you to create your personalised school expedition itinerary so the students and school can get the most from the experience. Whether you wish to extend or shorten the duration of the expedition, solely focus on volunteering, or would like to incorporate volunteering into a wider expedition with travel opportunities – we can work together to create the perfect itinerary for you. Above all, we will ensure your school expedition to Ghana remains fully affordable, structured, safe and inclusive.


Day 1-2: Arrival & travel to Kumasi, Ashanti region

Akwaaba! You will arrive at Kotoka International Airport (Accra International Airport). On arrival into Accra International Airport, you will be greeted by a staff of OGVO who will be easily visible in his OGVO T-Shirt.

You will be taken straight to our partner hostel near the airport. The journey will take around 20 minutes. The taxi ride will provide you with your first glimpses of this amazing country.

Day 2 will start with a good breakfast at the hostel followed by the journey north to the city of Kumasi. This will be our base for the volunteering segments of the expedition. The bus will be a comfortable and safe way to travel. The journey takes around 4-5 hours and our local team will accompany you. Some of the views along the way are breath-taking.


The rest of the day will be relaxed and informal. The team will be on hand to show you around the local community. In addition, they can help you pick up any amenities you may need for the rest of the day.

Day 3: Orientation

Your orientation as a volunteer in Ghana will begin on day 3. We’ll kick the day off by introducing you to the local area and projects. In addition, our team will teach you how to locate every essential you may need during your time.


The next part of the induction day will be based around learning the cultures of the Asante people. Enjoy some very unique Ghanaian experiences as you visit the Manhyia Palace and Kejetia Market. More specifically, you will have the opportunity to explore Kumasi’s most bustling market and tour Manhyia Palace. With about 11,000 stalls, the open-air market is a great place to pick up some traditional Ashanti kente cloth, food, spices and toiletries. In addition, the Palace museum will give you the chance to view some well-preserved artefacts of the Ashanti Kingdom.


Our team will assist you with any currency exchange and help you pick-up anything you may require. We’ll be sure to have a traditional Ghanaian lunch across the day too! The theoretical part of your orientation will then make up the rest of your induction day. Our team will go through important health and safety information to follow during your time as a volunteer in Ghana. We’ll teach you more about the way of life in West Africa, cultural differences and the local community. In the same vein, our team will also try to teach you the basics of the main language in Ghana, Twi. Finally, we will also provide you with a guide on what your coming days in Ghana will look like.

Day 4-6: House Build, Outreach Project & Cultural Activities

Trek out to a remote village where the build site is located & start laying the groundwork that will become the foundations of the house. If you’ve never swung a hammer or used a saw before don’t worry, the locals will have you Bunnings-ready in no time!

After busy mornings house build work, it will be time for a well-earned Ghanaian lunch to top up energy levels. After lunch, you will spend a little time preparing and then departing for your afternoon outreach project. As part of a wider group, you will perform much needed outreach work on our mobile outreach project, including building water wells & toilets, providing emergency medical care and emergency rice drops to families in need. On each of your evenings in Kumasi, we will provide cultural and fun activities for you to enjoy. This will allow you to immerse yourself into the Ghanaian culture and lifestyle further and ensure your days remain action-packed! Examples will include a drumming lesson, traditional African dance class etc.

NOTE: There will also be plenty of village kids around so be prepared to play a lot of football or volleyball.


Day 7-8: Mole National Park, Kintampo Waterfalls, Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

At 5am on day 7, you will depart for the 7 hour journey north to Mole National Park. Upon arrival, you will check into the hotel located in the centre of the national park. Currently, it is the only standing hotel to be surrounded by the natural habitat of wildlife in the national park. After getting settled the group will have lunch and sit by the pool or if you would like to swim feel free!


By mid-afternoon, you will climb atop the jeep for the 2 hour safari in search of these beautiful creatures in their home. After finishing the jeep-top safari you will go back to the hotel for the evening meal. Once night falls, we will go to the nearby village of Larabanga to participate in some traditional drumming and dancing of the Northern Region.


At 7am on day 8, everyone will meet for another 2 hour safari on foot. You will walk through the jungle to encounter first- hand the route taken by many species of antelope, see the monkeys swinging through the trees, and the elephants bathing one another in the natural waters of the land.


Following the walking safari, you will have breakfast and depart from the hotel to continue on the expedition. First stop will be at the Larabanga Mosque, one of the oldest mosques in West Africa, to learn about the Muslim traditions and the importance it holds in their tribe. The next stop is Kintampo Waterfalls; here you can enjoy a refreshing swim under the crashing waters.


Lastly, you will take a walk on the wild side feeding the monkeys of Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary out of your hands! We will finish the day with the travel back to the accommodation in Kumasi ready to begin week 2 of your Ghana adventure!

Day 9-12: House Build, Outreach Project & Cultural Activities Continue

After a couple of days full of sightseeing and exploring, it’s time to continue our house build work & Outreach Project in Kumasi. The projects will run in the same structure as week 1 with both morning and afternoon house build & outreach project sessions and lunch provided in between. The morning session will see us finish off the hard work we started in week one at the house builds work.


The afternoon project structure will remain the same as it was in week 1 as your outreach project. You will hopefully feel more acclimatised and accustomed to the outreach project setting after settling in and building bonds with the communities and local staff during your first week. The morning project will usually last around 2-3 hours. The afternoon project will also run for a similar time period.


Evening activities will continue to follow as well as dinner in the evenings to keep your energy levels topped up! Such cultural activities will include an art class, local market tour, pizza night and a briefing about your upcoming Cape Coast trip!

Day 13-14: Cape Coast, Canopy Walkway & Oasis Beach

After working hard volunteering in Kumasi, it’s now time to play hard for your final few days in Ghana as we head off on one more Ghanaian adventure expedition! We will leave Kumasi at 5am on day 13 and head down to the south of Ghana.


Our first calling point will be a visit to Cape Coast Castle. The tour is a fascinating but harrowing experience and an insight into horrific human cruelty. Thousands upon thousands of West African men and women were imprisoned within the castle’s dungeons, in the most inhumane conditions, before passing the ‘Door of No Return’ and being shipped off to the Americas. You will get to experience the thrilling feeling of walking the same steps as the African slaves in the dungeons out to the door of no return. Be prepared to learn about the shocking history of Ghana’s slave fortresses and their significance to modern-day Ghana.


The morning of day 14 offers a chance for a nice lie-in! You are welcome to awake at any time today as the beach awaits you. If you are up for an early morning we invite you to join us for the opportunity to pull in the nets of the local fishermen. Once the nets are in you can encounter many species of sea life including swordfish and tuna to squid and large manta ray!


The day is spent on the beach soaking up the sun, getting that tan that everyone at home expects you to return with. There are many souvenir shops locally where the local people love to show off their work! Throughout the day, based on the tide, we will take a surfing class. We can’t wait to capture videos of you up on that surfboard in the sea off the coast of Ghana! For our final night in Ghana, we will come together over a bonfire and enjoy some traditional drumming, dancing and singing!

 Day 15: Accra & Hometime

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. We will arrive back at Accra International Airport in good time for your flight home. Should the flight schedule allow, we will visit one or two points of interest in Accra on your final day in Ghana. This will include the Accra mall and Jamestown Lighthouse. It’s been a great two weeks!

Organise your 15 days school adventure to Ghana today! Teachers/group leader’s travel free and your 15 days in Ghana will be fully structured, inclusive and led by our experienced team. Your first day will have you arrive in Accra before…

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Kumasi - Ejisu Rd, Ejisu, Ghana

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