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New York, NY


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Teaching K-12
Education Policy
Health & Nutrition
Education Leadership and Administration

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Teachers College draws together visionaries who aspire to make a smarter, healthier, and more equitable world.

Teachers College, Columbia University is the nation’s first, largest, and most comprehensive graduate school of education. Since our founding in 1887 and through more than 120 academic programs spanning our core pillars of education, health, psychology, and leadership, we have prepared psychologists, nutritionists, health educators, speech pathologists, teachers, school leaders, and other professionals across the country and around the world. 

Teachers College is home to some of the world’s most influential faculty in the fields of Education, Psychology, Health and Leadership, and we lead the way in scholarship for all the fields of learning that impact the well-being of students, families, schools and communities. Our centers, institutes, and laboratories further advance our research and work to transform our findings into actionable practice for use in the classroom and other settings.

Our alumni network of changemakers is 90,000 strong —educators, psychologists, and executives who transform their fields and positively impact their communities. As a student at TC, you’ll join a community of thinkers and doers who believe in blending theory with practice in the pursuit of equity and social justice. We invite you to explore our dynamic community that is energized with educational and social possibilities. 


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