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MA in Educational Transformation

Georgetown University
Washington, DC


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Cursos Oferecidos

Master of Arts in Educational Transformation

Nosso Programa

Whether your interest in education is as a teacher, advocate, or policy-maker, we ensure you have the knowledge to transform the lives of students.

The MA in Educational Transformation is an interdisciplinary program committed to ensuring candidates have the skills, knowledge, and insight to transform education — to create vibrant classrooms, design effective policies, and promote justice within educational systems. Both of our programs place candidates in a DC-based residency so they graduate with a full year of substantive work experience in education.

Advocacy & Policy Concentration

Serving with school districts, think tanks, and nonprofits, A&P candidates experience firsthand the opportunities for and obstacles to effective education policy. Candidates can expect to engage in coursework on topics such as policy analysis, systems change, and student advocacy.

Learning & Teaching Concentration

L&T students are placed in paid, full-time positions in schools from day one, training as growth-minded educators focused on the assets that children bring to the classroom. Students graduate with DC teaching licensure in either Secondary Science or English Language Learning.



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