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Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

Arizona State University
Phoenix, AZ


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Cursos Oferecidos

Master of Social Work, MSW
Master of Public Administration, MPA
Criminology and Criminal Justice, MS
Master of Nonprofit Leadership and Management, MNLM
Community Resources and Development, MS

Nosso Programa

Watts College is home to some of the highest ranked programs in the nation with the most diverse student body at ASU.

Watts College students and faculty are dedicated to teaching, research and service to address social problems. High ranked degree programs include public administration, public policy, social work, criminology and criminal justice, nonprofit leadership, emergency management, community development, parks and recreation, and more. Our student body is diverse, with high percentages of first-generation, minority, veteran and transfer students.

From the first class, students are immersed in hands-on learning. They are paired with community partners to tackle real-world problems and play an active role in determining and implementing solutions. This provides both an educational and service-based experience. All totaled, students in Watts College deliver more than half a million hours of community service each year.


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