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The Catholic University of America, founded in 1887, has developed a reputation for quality research, innovation, and student-faculty collaboration.

The Catholic University of America treasures its graduate students. We were founded in 1887 as the first Catholic graduate research institution in the United States, and we haven’t forgotten our roots. Our graduate students make up just about half of our student population of more than 6,500.

Graduate students can study within 94 master’s degree programs and 40 doctoral programs in 12 schools. Our offerings exhibit extraordinary breadth, spanning the disciplines of the humanities, sciences, engineering, social sciences, arts, professions, and ecclesiastical programs, some of which are unique to this University. Our location in the District of Columbia provides Catholic University students with access to extraordinary resources that augment our own. 

While the fields of study are unique and diverse, all graduate students at Catholic University have a common bond. They belong to a community of scholars who share a commitment to using their advanced knowledge and skills to serve humanity.

Catholic University is a place where scholarship, innovation, and collaboration merge to create new knowledge. You will find it to be an exciting and supportive environment for pursuing your graduate studies and personal goals.


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Prazo para Inscrições

July 1 (international students) and July 15 (domestic students) for the fall semester

November 1 (international students) and November 15 (domestic students) for the spring semester

April 1 (all students) for the summer session.

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  • Total de Estudantes

    2.624 Estudantes
  • Feminino

    55% Feminino
  • Masculino

    45% Masculino

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