PhD in Global Leadership

Indiana Tech
Fort Wayne, IN


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Cursos Oferecidos

Global Leadership
Higher Education Administration Concentration
Organizational Leadership Concentration
Business Administration Concentration (for MBA graduates only)

Nosso Programa

Online PhD program guided by a comprehensive, globally-based curriculum

The Indiana Tech Ph.D. in Global Leadership program offers you an opportunity to advance your ability to lead in today’s multifaceted environment and to conduct cross-cultural research to examine interrelationships between culture and organizational leadership. Administered online, the program is flexible and accommodates diverse working professionals across the world. The online learning methods require students to progress independently, but not alone. Our faculty and support staff are committed to providing an educational environment that is personal and cooperative.


Each Ph.D. student has a unique set of experiences and goals. That is why the Ph.D. in Global Leadership features a choice of concentrations:

• Organizational Leadership, for those aspiring to leadership roles in for-profit & not-for-profit sectors.

• Higher Education Administration, for those seeking leadership roles in higher education.


Indiana Tech’s Ph.D. program also offers a special pathway created specifically for students who have earned their Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). MBA graduates can transfer 15 credit hours of their graduate coursework toward a Ph.D. from Indiana Tech. *Students must have earned their MBA within the last seven years.


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Personal statement and resume attached to application

Admissions interview with program director

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Two weeks prior to start date. Classes begin every 8 weeks.

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O que nossos estudantes dizem

  • The global leadership curriculum at Indiana Tech consistently afforded me the opportunity to apply my newly acquired knowledge to those I lead and mentor in my work setting. The experience and knowledge students gain while enrolled in the Ph.D. in Global Leadership program at Indiana Tech, along with the expert guidance and instruction from the university’s outstanding faculty, are second to none.

    Todd Wilson, PhD in Global Leadership ‘18
  • I feel proud to have earned my doctorate from Indiana Tech. The curriculum was challenging but rewarding. I was proud to have my family see the beautiful campus and the high caliber of professors in the program. I will forever be an advocate for the program, recommending it to anyone seeking a terminal degree.

    James Campbell, PhD in Global Leadership ‘19
  • The staff and professors are committed to helping their students, while at the same time maintaining high standards. I was looking to be part of a program where I could be challenged and pushed, but at the same time, felt I was working with professors who actually wanted to see me succeed.

    Josh Wenning, PhD in Global Leadership ‘20

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