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College of Social Work

The Ohio State University
Columbus, OH


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Master of Social Work

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Social Work has a long and rich tradition at The Ohio State University, starting with our very first social work course offered in 1875. We conveyed our first Bachelor of Social Service in 1916, our first Masters degree in 1923, and our first doctorate in 1934. First accredited in 1919, the College of Social Work is the oldest continuously accredited public social work program in the country. We received our latest re-accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education in 2018. Following the 1927 establishment of the School of Social Administration, our name changed to the School of Social Work in 1960. Eight years later we joined the College of Administrative Science, and in 1976, we were granted independent College status. Today we are located in Stillman Hall, a building constructed as a Works Progress Administration project and dedicated in 1937 as the School of Social Administration. In that same year, Harry L. Hopkins, then Administrator of the Federal Works Progress Administration under President Roosevelt, made the presentation of the building to Ohio State Trustees. 



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