The Graduate School for the Common Good

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC)
New York, NY


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Cursos Oferecidos

Business for Social Impact and Sustainability
Sustainable Fashion
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership

Nosso Programa

GCNYC is dedicated to sparking systemic change through three specialized Master of Science programs.

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) is New York City’s College For the Common Good. Dedicated to education through the lens of sustainability, GCNYC leverages nearly 150 years of academic excellence to bring a distinctly global perspective to its degree programs. The College is located at 64 Wooster Street in the heart of the vibrant and historic SoHo neighborhood of New York City. For the convenience of its students, classes are offered in the evenings and online.

Founded by Glasgow Caledonian University, which has more than 20,000 students worldwide, GCNYC shares a commitment to people, planet, and profit with a smaller, tight-knit community of students, faculty, and staff.

GCNYC's hands-on graduate offerings, all taught through the lens of social impact and sustainability, include:

  1. M.S. in Business for Social Impact & Sustainability
  2. M.S. in Sustainable Fashion
  3. Online M.S. in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership

Our programs are focused on teaching students how to create real impact. At GCNYC you’ll get more than a one-off elective about sustainability or social impact. Every course we offer focuses on how key skills can be leveraged to create positive change. We bring these principles to life through theory, management, and practical applications of applied research.


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Requerimentos Adicionais

The Admissions Team at GCNYC reviews student applications holistically. With the Common Good mission embedded in the institution, our students immerse themselves in a learning community, mindful of the wider global context, and with core values of integrity, responsibility, creativity, and compassion.

Prazo para Inscrições

GCNYC's Admissions Team encourages all students to submit the application as early as possible to ensure a timely review process before the program reaches capacity.

International students are strongly encouraged to submit their applications by the Priority deadline to ensure ample time for the visa process and to secure accommodations.

Application decisions are delivered on a rolling basis, electronically through the application portal, after an application is submitted with all materials.

January Term

Priority Deadline: November 5

Final Deadline: January 7

April Term

Priority Deadline: March 1

Final Deadline: April 11

September Term

Priority Deadline: July 15

Final Deadline: August 8

Corpo Estudantil


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Clubes & Associações

Student Governance Association (SGA)

Student Governance Association (SGA) represents and advances the interests of the GCNYC student body. The mission of the SGA is to empower and unify the GCNYC student body. The mission will be met through student advocacy and organized interrelations between students, administration, and faculty.

SGA was created to represent, empower, and unify the student body across all cohorts, facilitating cross-functional dialogue between students, faculty, and administration. Joining the SGA is a great way to meet and network with students, as well as established industry professionals who are faculty and friends of the school.

SGA is open to every student at GCNYC. Approximately two students per cohort serve on the SA board for at least two full trimesters. 


90% of GCNYC graduates advanced in career or pivoted to a career in social impact or sustainability. You can read about their successes here.

O que nossos estudantes dizem

  • "The fact that GCNYC’s curriculum included sustainability – I found it was an important topic to immerse myself in, the integrated approach with business interested me, as well. It was delightful to learn alongside professionals in different industries; I’ve learned a lot throughout the whole process and journey."

    Angela Rodriguez, Master of Science in Business for Social Impact & Sustainability ‘20
  • "I am in Penn Station, traveling to Newark airport, and I run into an old colleague. She was working for GCNYC and told me she had never been more fulfilled than when she started working there. This prompted me to want more information about GCNYC. A week later, I was in the office, and two weeks later I started. From day one I felt so passionate and so fulfilled and so eager for the next step for myself- I knew it was right."

    Nancy Rhodes, Master of Science in Sustainable Fashion ‘20

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