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Master of Science, Social Entrepreneurship

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First of its kind at a US business school and among the very few graduate degrees available worldwide that directly addresses social entrepreneurship.

Solving world problems is no longer solely the province of social workers and policy professionals. Today’s complex problems require business acumen and leadership to provide sustainable change.

Whether for-profit or nonprofit, enterprises that balance social missions with financial missions can offer innovative antidotes to problems in education, health care, poverty and health. Social entrepreneurs are designing and managing these impact organizations. From global microfinance to mission-based pharmaceutical companies to local workforce development programs, enterprises and programs across the globe "look, smell and taste" like businesses while holding social mission as the driving force.

With a Master of Science in Social Entrepreneurship from the Marshall School of Business, you will experience a business education geared to the unique aspects of social impact. You will be prepared uniquely to become a leader in the field. You will balance your head and heart as you embark on a career with meaning and attack the most pressing global challenges.


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