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Cursos Oferecidos

Economics, Social & Political Sciences

Nosso Programa

Economic, Social & Political Sciences received 100% world-leading rating (REF 2014), with Political Sciences ranked in the Top 5 in the UK.

University of Southampton is a global top 100 University at the cutting-edge of research worldwide.

Economic, Social & Political Sciences at Southampton comprise five departments: Gerontology; Economics; Politics and International Relations; Social Statistics and Demography; and Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology.

Our areas of research include Global Health, in the context of growing globalisation, migration and rapid social change.

Our Gerontology postgraduate degree programmes study the key questions facing a rapidly ageing world. How do we harness potential in later life? How can poor countries provide for older people without sacrificing economic growth? We will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to pursue a wide range of careers or exciting research opportunities.

Our demographers and social statisticians at the University of Southampton is helping a United Nations’ Population Fund (UNFPA) programme to improve the reproductive health and family planning of millions of young people in China. They have been monitoring and evaluating the large-scale programmes that the UNFPA has run across eastern, central and western China over the last 13 years.


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No formal deadline, but advised to apply as early as possible for our September programme start.

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    24.000 Estudantes
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    52% Feminino
  • Masculino

    48% Masculino

Clubes & Associações

We have over 300 clubs and societies at the University of Southampton, and every single student is automatically a member of our Students Union. Our graduate students enjoy dedicated coffee mornings, whilst having the opportunity to join student communities across the performing and visual arts, sports, religious and cultural groups.

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