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Scholarship Apartments

Waterloo, ON, Canadá | www.scholarshipapartments.com

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Our goal at Scholarship Apartments is to one day eliminate student debt by offering affordable student accommodations and a bursary incentive program.

Short Summary

Scholarship Apartments offers students affordable accommodations with the reward of a bursary following the completion of their degree. Our goal is to one day eliminate student debt. We plan to revolutionize the student housing market, and make post-secondary education feasible for all. We will provide affordable and comfortable living conditions, an excellent on-hand staff, and numerous academic and recreational services.

As opposed to solely being interested in making a profit, our goals are purely social. We wish to provide post-secondary students with the means to focus on their futures, and save them the time they spend worrying about covering the costs needed to get there.

The Impact

By ensuring students, that they will receive 50% of their rent expenditures following the completion of their degree, will, in turn, make obtaining a post-secondary education more feasible for low to middle income families.

By offering a competitive monthly rent, coupled with a 4-year contract, we are able to promote the completion of post-secondary degrees via an incentive program.

Based off of an average tuition of $3,500/term, that equates to $28,000 over 4 years. Considering an example of $550/month in rent, we will be able to offer our tenants a $13,200 bursary, following the completion of their degree. That translates into a 47.1% payoff percentage on tuition fees. 

Ultimately, we wish to alleviate the pain of student loans, by rewarding students for the time and commitment they have invested in themselves.

What We Need & What You Get

We are currently looking for volunteers to raise as much funding as possible. We are willing to provide supporting documentation for all volunteering efforts. 

We are looking to raise $3.5 million, which will be used to to cover building construction fees. Given that this is such a large investment, we are specifically looking for crowd funding from those not interested in a return on top of their investment, but those who would like to join a company that will one day eliminate student debt. We will provide our donors with a refund when we are fully established and capable of paying out donated funds.

How It Started

Arman Aryapour is the President and Founder of Scholarship Apartments. Arman founded Scholarship Apartments in 2015, at the age of twenty-one, while attending Wilfrid Laurier University as a Business student. He saw that there was a never-ending gap between financial dependence and obtaining a post-secondary education.

The company is on the journey of transforming the way student housing works. As a strong believer in community involvement, Arman devotes both his personal and business efforts to supporting young entrepreneurs who are developing and applying innovation to improve society worldwide.

He was awarded The John Atkinson Memorial Awarded by Shelly Atkinson and The Windsor Parade Corporation Producers of the 911 Community Services for extensive volunteer work within the community. In addition to his community involvement, Arman reflected on his experience at companies such as GreenShield Canada and Desire2Learn, and continued to pursue his aspirations of poverty alleviation, and promoting social ventures.

How To Help

Donations can be made at any of our crowd funding sources:

GoFundMe: http://www.gofundme.com/scholarshipapts
FundRazr: http://fnd.us/c/c12Ood/sh/256xzb
GoGet Funding: http://gogetfunding.com/scholarship-apartments/
RocketHub: http://rkthb.co/60918
Tilt: https://www.tilt.com/tilts/scholarship-apartments

Other Ways You Can Help

Feel free to visit our website, like/share us on Facebook, and follow us on twitter.
Website: www.scholarshipapartments.com
Twitter: @scholarshipapts
Our goal at Scholarship Apartments is to one day eliminate student debt by offering affordable student accommodations and a bursary incentive program.

Short Summary

Scholarship Apartments offers students affordable accommodations…


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