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Kavre Integrated Development Society ( KIDS )

Kavre, 1, Nepal

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KIDS ( Kavre Integrated Development Society ) is a Non Profit NGO .KIDS' Vision & Mission - " One Forest each 75 Districts , One Nursery each city , One Event/ Venue Palace each city , One Home Stay Every City and Village and Free School in Rural Villages of Nepal " To make our Free School self sustainable , we conduct the following list of income generating projects and Programs as listed below -LIST OF " GROUP OF ENTERPRISES / Projects1.. Organic Farm & Nursery - ( Agro /Event Tourism)2. Green Birthday / Green Event Palace - (Event Tourism 3. Rabbit Farm - 4. Organic Bee Farm - 5.Research Volunteer & Internship / Training Center - 6. CLEAN ,GREEN & ZERO WASTE CAMPAIGN 7. Organic Mushroom Farm-8. REHAB & Therapy ( yoga , mediation , Aerobic , psycho & Physio ... Therapy, counselling , pharmacy,.... ) - (Medical & Hospitality Tourism)9. BIRTH FOREST - GREEN PARK - (Agro Forestry & Echo Tourism )10. HOME - STYA - Rural , Cultural Agro Tourism11. FREE SCHOOL - (Non Profit )
Actually , KIDS' Key Project is the "KIDS Free School ". We have already been running a " Free Boarding School in  a rural Village . This " KIDS' Free School" is Unique in the following ways- 1. Parents do not need to pay any fee 2. But We make Parents reponsible for 2 things- a. Every parent is given a plant per child ( OPPC - One Plant Per Child ) from KIDS' Nursery at free of cost and its compulsory that The Parents must plant , grow , care and make this plant a big tree and conserve it to be eligible to have free education in  Free School. Mostly the plants we give at free of cost are - Mango , Guava , Katahar and Teak Ply Tree SO lobha le garda pani sabai le ( due to benefit ) plant hurkaune bho ani daar le garda pani, kina ki IF PARENTS LE plants masema free school ma afno bacha le padhna napaula bhanera dar DEKHAYIEKO CHHA !! . To be able to give the plants at free of cost , we have made our own Nursery in School Which is Multi- purpose , the Nursery gives the look of garden for school and our Home Stay ( Tourism ) and it also helps us give plants at free of cost. AND, here comes the idea of SAN Green Birthday / Green Anniversary / Green Event..... Any one can give us an opportunity to make their birthday/ Anniversary .... a meaningful , purposeful Memorable and Green One !! we provide , Event venue at free , , we serve cold/hot drink /green tea for free to all the participants wishers. we also provide , Certificate of Honor as KIDS Green Ambassador.we also give the Certificate of Appreciation to all participants wishers.so we advise the Birthday / Anniversary / Event Person to invite as many friends relatives as they can and because this is Green Birthday / Green Event so all the participants / wisher are advised to give the gift of Plants to the Birthday Person. HERE, comes the fundraising idea to support our KIDS' Free School- we request everyone to buy the plants from KIDS' Nursery because the income of  Nursery goes to support  Free School. And, more the plants are sold from  Nursery more waste ( reusable plastic bottles, cups , and solid waste ) get managed in  Nursery because we reuse the plastic and other solid waste in our Nursery which we collect from  " Clean Green & Zero Waste Campaign" every saturday from Manohara - Bagmati , and Mental Hospital Lagankhel and many other Public Places. let me tell you how Every one wins ! - What The Birthday / Anniversary /Event Person get ? - They get free Venue of KIDS' Event Palace -They get free services of hosting with table ,stage , drinking water ,and chairs and hospitality. -They get cold drink hot drink , green tea for all their guests -They get free wifi. -All above said facilities are provided free of cost . -we honor Birthday / Anniversary / Event Person with a Certificate of "KIDS' Green Ambassador" . -We give the Certificate of Plant Donation / Gift as "Appreciation Letter " to all the participants who give the gift of Plants. -The Name of the plants are given after the name of Birthday / Anniversary Person and also the name of the person who gifted that Plants is also mentioned in the Name tag. in this way it becomes Memorable for longer as long as the Tree is ! -in this way , we all are contributing to reduce "Global Warming " and because the income of Nursery goes to support free school so we all are contributing Free education of Rural grassroots People and because our Nrusery is helping manage waste so we all are contributing towards Environment and Waste Management. The Birthday / Anniversary Program is started with plantation of Plants which the Birthday Person receives from all the wishers So , all the wishers give the gift of plants to Birthday/ Anniversy /Event Person and then Birthday / Anniversary / Event Person does the plantation of all the plants in our "KIDS' Birth Nursery" ( Baby Plant Care Unit ) in first step. after planatation each plants are named after the name of Birthday/ Anniversary/Event Person and Plant donors. A Name Tag is flagged with each plant. In case of Village site , these collected plants are distributed as "OPPC - One Plant Per Child". In case of City , these collected plants are grown in "KIDS' Baby plants Care Unit" for a few months and finally planted in  Memorable Forest in varioous districts. We also do the final Plantation on the public places for example in Kathmandu we are doing it on the bank of Bagmati - Manohara Dobhan extended from Balkumari Bridge to Bagmati Sankhamul Bank of the river. the conservation and caring of plants is guarnated by KIDS. Even, KIDS takes guaarantee of each and every plants to make a big tree! In case any plants is dead due to natural reason , KIDS  will replant and will for sure make all a big tree. This is a hollistic approach and multipurpose Vision. KIDS' Free School is not only giving marketable Education at Free but also gradually can turn the whole community a  Memorable Birth Forest.And Every child at  Free School is learning to plant and love and care plant and green and conserve the forest and tree from their early childhood . Another feature of  Free School is that- We have made parents of Our School repsonsible for future of their children. Every Parents must practice micro saving little by little for their own child for their future. Its compulsory for all , its a condtion for every parents to be elligible to enroll in  Free School. 10 Rs , gare pani 50 rs, bhaye pani jati sakinchha tyati nai they all must do bal bachat( micro saving ) , for this ,we have facilittated and opened sahakari ( cooperative ) of our Parents hence we say that every child regardless or poor , rich or dalit or any caste they all become owner of Bank ( share holder of Cooperative ) on the first day they come to enroll to  Free School ,no matter the amount is small but still its first step toward Entreprenuerhsip and Banker and the rule is that Parents can not withdraw and spend the saved money in the account of their children until the students appear in SLC ! It also helps stop drop out before SLC ! mainly , in case of girls ,you all know very well the situation of girls in Madesh- terain ! In this way, we are empowering women /girls , farmers, youths and poor and promoting green , organic , Rural , cultural , agro , Eco , Home Stay Tourism and we are following self sustainable Holistic Model !! Hence, Free School not only gives Free education but also gives seed money to all students after appearing in SLC and makes sure that no one drops out before SLC , AND ALSO  FREE SCHOOL IS TURNING THE COMMUNITY INTO GREEN "MEMORABLE BIRTH FOREST " DAY BY DAY AND TEACHING EVERY CHILDREN TO INVOLVE IN PLANTATION AND CONSERBATION from their early childhood ! By now you might have question that how the school can operate free ? where the fund comes from ?? -Actually ,our model is self sustainable. Each and every projects generate income to support " Free School". We do not wait for any "donors" Nursery "is one of the income source. There is "  Home Stay "( Touirsm Project ) another source of Income. "Green Birthday / Green Event - Event Tourism " as another source of income. There is "Bio - gas Toilet " This Toilet also gives income in 2 - 3 ways - bio gas has been connected to kitchen of Home stay it saves money on cylinder and wood fire and saves from smokes. -Compost as organic Fertilizers on other side which is used in our organic Nursery , Ogranic Papaya , Lemon , Vege garden. and because this toilet never get filled so we are saving money from safai tanker. There is "Rabbit Farming" project utilizing green grass from garden there is" Organic Mushroom Farming" There is " Poultry Farming " There is "Organic Papaya farming" "Lemon Organic" Organic vege Farming " "Waste Water Management with Fish Keeping " -thopa thopa milera samundra ( dron by drop ) in this way,  Free School is Self -Sutainable. ,we are first preparing to address the funding challenege by starting with income generating Projects ! as a result , we have already started " Nursery " included with "Waste Management" " Rabbit Farming " has already launched " Clean, Green & Zero Waste " has been launched ! Soon ,we are going to starst " Organic Bee Keeping ". " Organic Mushroom" first lot was already success " Organic Vege Farm " is in progress.And we aim to launch " Organic Cafe " Green Birthday / Anniversary Event" Tourism has laready been started . Our aim is to lead these all small enterprises to large scale of industrie - for example Green Birthday Event to "Green Party Palace " with all facilities ! I imagine that a single  Ogranic Green Party Palace income can run many many  Free School. Lets now believe that you are clear about Vision and Projects and holistic Approach ? " Lets Unite & Cooperate together to rebuild a Cleaner , Greener & More Sustainable Nepal " ~
KIDS ( Kavre Integrated Development Society ) is a Non Profit NGO .KIDS' Vision & Mission - " One Forest each 75 Districts , One Nursery each city , One Event/ Venue Palace each city , One Home Stay Every City and Village and Free School in Rural…

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