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Welcome to TreeKaya! We are a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sustainable local communities & providing inspiring community-based education. We are dedicated to empowering individuals, towns and cities all around the world with the necessary skills, resources, tools and knowledge to create healthy and well balanced local communities. Our vision is global in scale, yet rooted in local community education. We address specific local community issues and create sustainable solutions to the most basic and fundamental facets of daily life. Our team specializes in sustainable community planning, design and development.

  • where we live
  • what we eat and drink
  • what we do for work
  • what brings love, happiness and joy into our lives
  • what we do to stay healthy
  • how we communicate
  • how we create a sustainable and well balanced community
  • what brings feelings of safety, health, inspiration and comfort into our daily life and our local community

We create working systems, frameworks and models that are implemented on a global scale with intimate local participation. Every community has a unique environment, climate, bio-regional makeup, lifestyle, political, economic and educational system. Within this beautiful celebration of diversity we all share one common truth; we are all human and share the basic necessities of life. (*We do also take into consideration our furry friends, the animals, mountains, trees, plants, waters, air and soil as well). We all need food, water, shelter, supportive community, and a form of local economy or trade. We also feel it is safe to say the vast majority of living creatures desire health, love, safety and happiness. Our teams provide inspiring events & public education designed specifically for the local city, town or village.

The TreeKaya culture draws inspiration from Mohandis Gandhi... focusing our individual and collective actions to “Be the Change We Wish to See in the World”. We believe in the triple bottom line of People, Planet and Prosperity. We live the wisdom of “Thinking Globally and Acting Locally”. The TreeKaya team invites you to join us on this collaborative creation of a healthy, happy and well-balanced world!


Vision Supporting practices of ecologic living and natural building that contribute to healthy community development. (optimal health in relationship to self, community & planet)

Objective Implementing sustainable community development practices and conscious lifestyle choices to create a balanced global society that exists harmoniously with our natural environment. These decisions include efficient use of natural resources, environmentally conscious building practices, reducing consumption, creating less waste, creating healthy economic systems, inspiring corporate responsibility, inspiring just political systems, supporting renewable energy technology (eco-technology), advocacy for local community supported organic agriculture, protecting natural ecosystems, respecting our connection to nature and learning from indigenous practices.

Local Earth (Local Earth Alliance & Agreement) The Local Earth Alliance is a network of aligned individuals, groups and organizations that pledge to support the Local Earth Agreement. The alliance serves as a collaborative community network to share collective resources, knowledge and skills for ecologic living practices. The network connects community hubs of research, training and education in sustainable living.

Education & Action (Local Earth / Community Resilience Program) The Community Resilience Program provides free and low-cost workshops, study groups and educational community gatherings. We provide the community with opportunities to participate in local steps of ‘green’ action. The program is guided towards forward-thinking living systems revolving around local organic food, efficient water systems, permaculture design, natural building, renewable energy, resource-based economics and conscious city/community planning.

Local & Global Community Our programs and workshops are guided towards strengthening local communities and building resilience. We support the belief that we are all connected as a human family and need to work with one another in order to create a healthy planet. Our team feels that living sustainably in a local manner is one of the most efficient ways we can support the global community.

Welcome to TreeKaya! We are a grassroots nonprofit organization dedicated to creating sustainable local communities & providing inspiring community-based education. We are dedicated to empowering individuals, towns and cities…

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  • San Diego, CA 92110, United States

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